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4th IRERS 2008 Proceedings
Theme : Benchmarking, Innovating and Sustaining Real Estate Market Dynamics
28-30 April 2008 @ Putra World Trade Centre (PWTC), KL

1.Global Perspectives on Property Benchmarking (Graeme Newell) [PDF]
2.Sustainable Cities, Real Estate Market Dynamics and The Challenge of Ecological Modernisation (Prof. M. Morad)[PDF]
3.Regenerating Brownfields: Innovative Financing and Risk Sharing Vehicles (Alastair Adair And Martin Haran)[PDF]
4.Competitive Intelligence & The Real Estate Professionals (Prof. Salleh Buang) [PDF]
5.Unlisted Property Funds: Supplying Capital to Developing Property Markets? (Prof. Andrew Baum) [PDF]
6.The Future of Real Estate Market In Dubai ( Prof. Ali Parsa)
1.Financial Costs Of Sprawl In Malaysia: Conceptual Framework ( Shahriza Bt Osman )
2.The Financial Gains From Adding Farmland To An International Investment Portfolio ( Professor Chris Eves)
3.The Impact Of Malaysian Real Estate Investment Trust In Portfolio Diversification ( Rohaya Abdul Jali)
4.Islamic Finance As A Strategic Financing Alternative For KLCC Condominium Financing; A Case Study Of Malaysian Islamic Finance As A Catalyst For Growth (Dr. Christopher Shun Kong Leng)
5.Spatial Autocorrelation In Hedonic Model: Empirical Evidence From Malaysia (Dr. Suriatini Ismail)
6.Housing Affordability And Availability – The Malaysian Case (Dr. Zainal Abidin Hashim)
7.Assessing Property Developers’ Readiness In The Implementation Of Build Then Sell System (Dr. Mohd Wira Mohd Shafiei)
8.Investigating The Characteristics Of Unsold Residential Properties At Public Auction Sales Using Multiple Regression Analysis (MRA) (Dr. Md. Nasir Daud)
9.Malaysia Office Performance Index (Dr. Zailan Binti Mohd Isa)
10.Geographically Weighted Regression (GWR) To Predict Property Values In Mass Valuation For Rating Purposes(Subashini Vacliveloo)
11.Externalities, Household Preferences And House Prices (Dr. Rajeshwar Sirpal)
12.Spatial Hedonic Modelling (SHM) For Mass Valuation (Renuga Navaneethan)
13.Moving Window Regression In Mass Appraisal For Rating (Mohamad Firdaus Azhar)
14.Using Geographically Weighted Regression To Detect Market Segments And Use Them To Improve The Accuracy Of Automated Valuation Models (Dr. Richard A. Borst)
15.Malaysian Listed Property Companies – Its Characteristics (Hasniyati Hamzah)
16.Corporate Real Estate Strategies: Evidence From The UK And Malaysia (Dr. Zaiton Ali)
17.Identifying Criteria And Sub-Criteria In Grading Of Office Building In Malaysia (Yasmin Mohd Adnan)
18.Respro-Viewer: Development Of Web Based Residential Properties Visualization Tools (Mustafa Man)
19.Impact Of Single-Tier Dividend System On Dividend Returns Of Indirect Property Investments In Malaysia ( Dr. Ting Kien Hwa)
20.A Holistic Concept of Green Building: Potential Application in Malaysia (Saiful Hadi Mastor)
21.Institutional Support To Finance Affordable Housing For The Middle Income Group (Hasniyati Hamzah)
22.Delivering Facilities Performance (Umbugala Muhammad Douglas)
23.Property Management and the Environmental Issues (Mohd Mujib bin Mustaffa)
24.The Development Of Property Manager Competency Model: A Brief From Literature Review (Shardy Abdullah)
25.Facilities Management Practice In Construction Management – A Case Study Of Construction Companies In Malaysia (Azlina Mohd. Yassin)
26.Contract Framework For Outsourcing Of Facilities Management – An Industry Perception ( Maizan Bin Baba)
27.Energy Savings Benefit In Passive Architecture As Value Added To Property Appraisal (Wan Rahmah Mohd Zaki)
28.The Effects Of Land Auction On Properties Prices In The Vicinity (Prof. Kwong Wing Chau)
29.Kriging In Mass Appraisal For Rating (Mohd Nurul Fakhri Adan)
30.The Neighbourhood Facilities And The Sustainable Communities Agenda: An Overview (Dr. Rozilah Kasim )
31.A Fresh Look At Land Use Planning Towards A More Dynamic Real Estate Development (Syra Lawrance Maidin)
32.Al – Istisna And Its Comparison With Housing Development Concept In Malaysia (Dr. Azlinor Sufian)
33.Public-Private Partnerships In Housing Development In Malaysia (Puteri Shakira Jahnkassim)
34.Exploratory Study On The Indigenous Housing Developers In Malaysia ( Roslinda Ali)
35.Heritage Real Estate Development In Inner City Of George Town: Stakeholders’ Perceptions (Dr. Lee Lik Meng)
36.Classification Of Purpose Built Office Buildings In Malaysia – A Review Of Methodologies (Yasmin Mohd Adnan)
37.Modelling of The Property Market: The Malaysian Experience ( Dr. Norhaya Kamarudin)
38.Managing Indebtedness Maintenance Charges In High Rise Residential By Lump Sum Deposit Management Fund(Norngainy Mohd Tawil)
39.Knowledge Management Strategy: A Preliminary Survey Among Property Management Companies In Malaysia.(Muhammad Najib Razali)
40.Perrformance of Kuala Lumpur Office Market After the 1997 Asian Financial Crisis (Aina Edayu Binti Ahmad)
41.Urban Housing Ownership: Factors Influencing The Problems Faced By The Bumiputera In The District Of Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia (Dr. Ahmad Ariffian Bujang)
42.Buyer’s Conjoint Preference For The Attributes Of Condominium Properties ( Dr. Abdul Hamid B. Hj. Mar Iman)
43.I Own The Land, Do I Own The Airspace As Well? ( Dr. Nor Asiah Mohamad)
44.Indefeasibility of Title under the National Land Code 1965: A Myth or Reality as Against Bona Fide Purchaser?(Noraziah Abu Bakar)
45.The National Land Policy – The Way Forward For A Sustainable Economic, Environmental And Social Development Of Malaysia (Dr. Azimuddin B. Bahari)
46.The Development Of Accommodation For University Students (Dr. Hoffie Cruywagen)
47.Real Estate Graduates In Malaysian Corporate Companies (Dr. Hishamuddin Mohd Ali)
48.Gated Community Housing Schemes For The Formulation Of Appropriate Legislations In Malaysia (Dr. Azimuddin B. Bahari)
49.The Needs For Capacity Building In Local Government In Malaysia (With Regards To Property Taxation Administration) (Dzurllkanian @ Zulkarnain Daud)
50.The Quality Of Valuation Reports In Malaysia: A Preliminary Study (Dr. David Martin Juanil)