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Professional Development


Welcome to Professional Development Center

Professional Development Center

INSPEN is an institution that conducts training in services. INSPEN is the only training center offering training in property valuation and services in Malaysia.

Training is offered to all involved in the property industry from the public or private sector.

The Professional Development Center, formerly known as the Training Center, has been recognized by the Malaysian International Organization for Standardization from SIRIM Berhad for MS ISO 9001: 2000 certification (now, MS ISO 9001: 2015).

The Professional Development Center Quality Policy is:

INSPEN will provide quality training services, in accordance with customer requirements, and meet the requirements of the real estate industry with emphasis on continuous improvement efforts.
The Quality Objective of the Professional Development Center is:

1. Controlling all Training Programs designed annually.

2. Distribute Annual Training Program to customers on or before December 31 of the relevant year.

3. Ensure that average achievement of the objectives of each training program reaches at least 80%.

4. Ensure that average achievement of lecturers' achievement reaches at least 80%.

Welcome Word

Assalamualaikum wbt dan Salam Sejahtera,

Selamat Datang ke Laman Web Pusat Pembangunan Profesional.

Pusat Pembangunan Profesional telah membuat perancangan program latihan INSPEN dengan mengambilkira keperluan staf JPPH Malaysia khususnya dan penggiat dalam bidang harta tanah amnya. Program latihan ini telah dirumus berasaskan kepada Analisa Keperluan Latihan (Training Needs Analysis), Pelan Operasi Latihan (POL) Jabatan, maklumbalas daripada Pihak Pengurusan JPPH Malaysia dan Panel Kurikulum Jabatan serta selaras dengan perkembangan Revolusi Industri 4.0 (IR 4.0).

Pusat Pembangunan Profesional akan berusaha untuk memberi perkhidmatan latihan yang terbaik dan berharap perancangan aktiviti latihan ini akan dapat membangunkan warga kerja yang lebih kompeten dan berwawasan.

Pusat Pembangunan Profesional mengalu-alukan kehadiran warga JPPH, warga kerja jabatan/ agensi kerajaan dan badan berkanun serta penggiat bidang harta tanah untuk menyertai program latihan di INSPEN.


Fadzilah Binti Abd Hamid

Ketua Pusat Pembangunan Profesional

Institut Penilaian Negara (INSPEN)

Organisational structure
Development and Expertise Unit

The Development and Expertise Unit is responsible for providing training in services and other specialized programs for the real estate industry. In addition, the unit also provides consultancy and expertise in real estate-related exercises.


1. To provide and develop human capital Valuation and Property Services Department (JPPH), public agencies and real estate industry players in the face of challenges, through the provision of training programs in property valuation and services.

2. To develop human capital Valuation and Property Services Department (JPPH) and public agencies in improving administrative and management skills through the provision of training programs in management, administration and information technology.


1. Provide professional and technical training programs for departments, government agencies and real estate industry players.

2. Provide training services in property valuation and services to external agencies

3. Provide training and services in the field of management, administration, finance and information technology.

Program offered

1. Property Assessment & Services

Provide knowledge and skills in property valuation. Training focus in the area of ‚Äč‚Äčassessment includes detailed property valuation, skills in conducting assessments for different purposes and exposures to current issues in the property industry. Exercises have been expanded to meet current needs such as machinery & equipment plant valuation, intellectual assessment (IP), business valuation and natural resource assessment.

In the field of property services, training is focused on property management, feasibility study, property agency practice, project management and so on.

Participation in this program is open to management and professional groups (Assessment Officers) and support groups (Assistant Assessment and Evaluation Assistants) at JPPH, local authorities and other government agencies. Where necessary, participation is also given to private sector and other professional valuers in the property industry.

2. Data Management and Research

This program is one of the key areas that needs to be given the path in carrying out the duties and roles of the assessor. Exercises in both programs are also offered particularly in developing skilled personnel in managing NAPIC data and undertaking research in real estate.

3. Professional Development

This program was created to develop real estate professionals in the country. The focus is on improving the intelligence and understanding of current changes in the real estate industry. The training program provided also received accreditation recognition from Malaysian Valuers, Appraisers and Real Estate Agents.

4. Malaysian Technical Cooperation Program (MTCP)

The program is under the umbrella of the Economic Planning Unit, the Prime Minister's Department. The participation of this program is open to all ASEAN countries and developing countries. The main objective of the program is to promote and contribute to the development of participating countries through the exchange of knowledge and experience, resource accumulation and capacity building, particularly in real estate.

The courses offered are in real estate valuation.

5. Management & Administration

This program is to improve the management skills of staff and officers at all levels in the department. The program is more focused on the development of positive attitudes, motivation and physical and mental wellbeing as well as enhancing officers to be excellent civil servants.

Training provided in management is leadership, strategic planning, problem solving, self development and motivation.

Administrative programs are provided to equip staff with relevant knowledge and skills and are in line with the daily tasks of the office such as finance, government administration such as human resource management etc.

Technical and non-technical staff from the department's support department and other government agencies are welcome to participate in the program.

6. Information technology

This program is available to gain knowledge and skills in ICT, in line with the progress of IT development in the country and globally. Businesses are being created to transform positions into computer-literate organizations.

7. General and Special Induction Program

Special program provided by INSPEN for new staff at JPPH. The program aims to familiarize staff with specific government and departmental requirements, before endorsement to their respective posts.

Training Management Unit

Training Management Unit was established in 2017 with the aim of managing activities besides training in training related services. This unit is also responsible for the quality of the training program as an INSPEN Quality Management System coordinator in the ongoing implementation of MS ISO 9001.


1. To provide competent coaches and specialize in specialized fields through internship and overseas training and SME development.

2. To ensure the quality of the MS ISO 9001 Management System INSPEN is maintained in accordance with current changes


1. Develop PPJ Department Consulting Panel as a trainer through the development of valuation priority areas and property services including management and information technology development.

2. Provide local and foreign training as well as placement training for PPJ to be more competent in providing inputs

3. Ensure the quality of the training program through continuous improvement of the MS ISO 9001 quality management system

4. Managing effective central, policy and administrative meetings