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Research and Innovation


Research and Innovation

The Research and Innovation Program was created in 1985 in line with the establishment of INSPEN, which is a training and research institute for the Valuation and Property Services Department. At the beginning of its establishment, the program comprises a Research Unit and Real Estate Information Unit. The Research Unit focuses more on research at the national level and produces more focused research on the internal use of departments. While Property Information Unit is specific to the provision of Real Estate Market Report, which is published annually.

When NAPIC was established in 1999, the Property Information Unit at INSPEN was abolished and consequently, the Product Consulting and Product Development Unit was created. The main function of this unit is to provide consultancy services in the field of research and training to external agencies, in which consultation fees apply to the applicant agency. The unit is also responsible for publishing research-related materials for both internal and external circulation.

In 2002, INSPEN was entrusted by the Ministry of Finance to act as a coordinator in distributing funds to conduct research in real estate. The fund known as NAPREC is to be channeled to organizations that have been identified for conducting specialized research projects in real estate. To carry out this responsibility, the NAPREC Unit has been established and the main function of this unit is to manage, monitor and distribute research funds to researchers conducting research in related fields.

Hence with the developments, the Property Research and Development Program now includes;

Data Center for Research and Analysis
Product Consultancy Center and Development

Data Research & Analysis
Objective Research and Data Analysis Center

Conduct research in real estate to enhance the department's credibility and professionalism.
Become a research center of the Department and real estate industry.
Provides data analysis services for INSPEN and Department data.

Product Consultancy Center and Development
The Objectives of the Consulting and Product Development Center

The center provides product consultancy and development services to enhance INSPEN's competitiveness at national and international level.

NAPREC Center Objectives

INSPEN has been entrusted as a coordinator in managing and distributing research approved funds by the government in each of the Malaysian Plan. Its main objective is to manage the distribution of research funds in real estate to property research organizations.

3.4 Main Functions

3.4.1 Data Center for Research and Analysis

Conduct research activities related to the real estate industry.
Coordinate research activities conducted at the JPPH branch.
Introduce and develop Research Intern (RI) JPPH.

3.4.2 Product Consulting and Development Center

Providing consultancy services in areas of valuation and property services to both internal and external customers
Publish research results and disseminate real estate information to professionals in the property and public sector concerned

3.4.3 NAPREC Center

Introducing research projects in an important real estate industry at the national level
Promotes research involving the areas required in the country's real estate industry.
Promotes joint research efforts with other research institutes
Expand the research and development network between the public and private sectors and
Enhancing global competitive levels globally through the internationalization of real estate research.

Welcome Word

Welcome to the Research and Innovation Center website.

The three main functions of the Research and Innovation Center are Research Units, Consulting and Innovation Units and NAPREC Units.

Research plays a key role for an organization that seeks to uphold international achievements.

In fact, the importance of research has been the main objective of the Valuation and Property Services Department's Strategic Plan. Academic research has been accepted by industry players with NAPREC's allocation of funds. NAPREC's research has led to the commercialization of the research's revenue of RM 4.8 million which has been allocated for NAPREC funds to ensure that property industry research is comparable to other industry research.

In the era of technologically expanding the demand for JPPH's internal research has also been in great demand for solving internal problems as well as for international presentation.

In relation to that, INSPEN has been working to develop research experts throughout JPPH with the increasing number of interns (RI) from JPPH branches throughout Malaysia.

The Consultation and Innovation Unit has stepped up not only property negotiations in the country but also overseas, such as Saudi Arabia and Indonesia. Consultations have been recognized worldwide as evidence of these services is increasing from time to time.

My intention is to see the sustainability of these three units into an INSPEN branch that provides the best and effective research, research and consulting services for the benefit of the Malaysian property industry.

Head of Research and Innovation Center
National Valuation Institute (INSPEN)
Organisational structure
Data Research and Analysis

The research unit offers research services according to Department's requirements in various fields such as:

Real Estate Investment
Real Estate Concepts
IT in Property
Property Development
Property Market
Land Acquisition
Buildings Costs
INSPEN research papers.

Research papers produced are only for internal circulation.

Consulting and Innovation Unit

The Consulting and Innovation Unit provides consultation to external organizations in the following areas: -


Providing consultancy services in designing training modules and curriculum.
Conduct courses according to customer requirements in areas of valuation, property investment, IT in real estate, property development and property market.
Conduct an analysis of training requirements and training assessment programs.
Conduct customer satisfaction measurement.

Internationalize Expertise Services

Offer expertise in areas related to property valuation and management.


Related fields: -
Plant and Machinery
Technical Training
Working visit
Consulting services provided by the Consulting and Product Development Unit:

In the country:

Legal Course & Property Assessment for Amanah Raya Berhad (December 2013 & February, March 2014)
Seminar on Issues And Challenges In Land Acquisition for Malacca Customs Corporation (PERTAM) (October 2012)
Introduction and Implementation Course Act 118, Act 318 & Act 663 for National Housing Company (SPNB) (July 2012)
Property Outlook & Introduction to Real Estate Valuation for Bank Muamalat (March 2012)
Building Ownership Status Study of Special Purpose Office and Business Complex for Investment Property Berhad (PHB) (August 2010)
Plant and Machinery Assessment Course for SME Bank (February 2009)
Course on Land Legislation for Selangor Town & Country Planning Department (December 2005)
PTK Development Workshop for Local Authorities (July 2005)
Advanced Assistant Assessment Course for Local Authorities (May 2005)


Training Program: Basic to Real EstateValuation for the Directorate of Town Planning and Survey Government of Sharjah, United Arab Emirates (17 April -14 June 2006)
Training Program: Real Estate Valuation: Principles and Practice for the Directorate of Town Planning and Survey Government of Sharjah United Arab Emirates (April 15 - July 2, 2006)


NAPREC Fund Objectives

To promote property research projects at the national level.
To promote property research that can meet the needs of the Malaysian land industry.
To encourage efforts to conduct real estate research amongst research at institutes / organizations.
To build research networks between public and private sectors.
To improve competition through globalization in property research.


The National Institute of Assessment (INSPEN) invites researchers from all over the country to submit a Proposal for Real Estate Research to get the National Real Estate Research Coordinator (NAPREC) funds. The fund is under the 12th Malaysia Plan (RMK-12).

Applications are also open to small-scale research that is within RM50,000 and the timeframe for completing a research project is one year. Priority is given to research that impacts the National Key Result Area (NKRA).

For more information, please contact:

Pn Norain Abdul Hamid (03-8911 8709)

En. Mohd Sharil bin Razali (03-89118618)

Puan Haryani Hamzah (03-8911 8629)

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