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6th IRERS 2012 Proceedings
Theme : Globalisation Of Real Estate: Transformation and Opportunities
24-25 April 2012 @ INSPEN Campus, Selangor

1.New approaches to private sector funding of public sector property: A global perspective (Prof. Dr. Alastair Adair, University of Ulster, Northern Ireland)
2.Significance of real estate in Asian pension funds. (Prof. Dr. Graeme Newell, University of Western Sydney, Australia)
3.Impacts of New Development Projects on Properties: Measurement and Influence to Environmental Impact Assessment. (Prof. Dr. Mohd. Shahwahid Othman, University Putra Malaysia)
4.Real estate volatility and macroeconomic stability: An East Asian perspective. (Prof. Dr. Kyung-Hwan Kim, University of Sogang, Seoul, Korea)
5.Natural disasters and property: A global issue. (Prof. Chris Eves, Queensland University of Technology, Australia)
6.Housing the Nation : The Malaysian Perspective. (Prof. Dato’ Dr. Sr. Kamarul Rashdan Salleh, Syarikat Perumahan Negara Berhad)


1.A Comparative Study Of Corporate Real Estate Strategies For Selected Local And Foreign Commercial Banks In Malaysia-(Ahmed Abukar, Dr. Rozilah Kassim(P))
2.A Realistic Model To Determine Housing Needs In Malaysia: A Case of Johor Baru, Kuala Lumpur and Penang : (Prof. Dr. Noor Sharipah Sultan Sidi, Masitah Zulkifli, Abd. Halim Omar, Hamidah Abd. Rahim)
3.Aggregated Vs Dissaggregated House Price Index – Nurul Hana Binti Adi Maimun, Dr. Suriatini Binti Ismail (P), Assoc. Prof. Dr. Hishamuddin Bin Mohd Ali, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Norhaya Kamaruddin, Dr. Maimunah Bt Sapri, Rosadah Bt Mahmud
4.Application of Sun Tzu’s Art War in China’s Real Estate Marketing – Guo Nan (P), Dr. Choong Weng Wai, Chin Hon Choong
5.Assessing The Investment Performance Of Green Office Property- The Australian Study And International Perspective (API Building Better Returns) – Assoc. Prof John MacFarlane (P), Prof.Graeme Newell, Roger Walker
6.Assessment Of The Application Of Contingent Valuation Theory To Bio-Sequestered Carbon – Andrea Blake(P), Prof. Chris Eves
7.Buyers Awareness On Green Residential Property In Beijing, China – Wang Xiao (P), Dr. Choong Weng Wai
8.Combining AHP with GIS In The Evaluation Of Locational Characteristics Quality For Purpose-Built Offices In Malaysia – Edie Ezwan Mohd Safian(P), Prof. Dr. Abdul Hadi B. Hj Nawawi
9.Critical Issues In Public Building Maintenance Management : A Brief From Literature – Dr. Shardy Abdullah (P), Arman Abdul Razak, Dr.Hamid Kadir Pakir,Dr. Mohd Hanizun Hanafi, Dr. Izran Sarrazin Mohammad
10.Defining The Road Map For The Valuation Profession – Sr. Elvin Fernandez (P)
11.Delay In Development Approval – Assoc. Prof. Dr.Aminah Md Yusof, Wong Mee Na, Chang Chai Saar (P), Nor Azwani Abdullah
12.Determinants of Bussiness Success From The Perspectives of Housing Developers – Syed Putra Syed Abu Bakar (P), Dr. Mastura Jaafar
13.Economic Issues on Green Office Building In Malaysia – Mashitoh Halim
14.Educational Real Estate Investment Trust On Malaysian Public Universities Strategic Property Assets – Rohaya Abdul Jalil(P), Assoc. Prof. Dr. Hishamuddin Mohd Ali
15.Empirical Analysis Of The Malaysian House Price Index Using Non-Switching Model And Switching Model Approach – Dr. Zaemah Zainuddin (P), Assoc Prof. Christopher Gan, Bert Ward
16.Enhancing Shareholder Wealth Through Asset Divestitures: The Relationship Between Theories and Practice in Malaysia – Janice Lee Yim Mei(P), Prof Dr. Fauzias Mat Nor, Norazlan Alias
17.Enterprise GIS Based Mass Appraisal Model For Property Tax Assessment – Dr. Haji Ibrahim @ Atan (P), Shazmin Shareena Abd Azis, Razwin Noor Razali
18.Essential Elements of Quality Property Management Performance in Public Housing in Hong Kong – Lai Anthony W.Y(P), Ma Sandy Y.S
19.Evaluation Of Importance Of Quality Property Management Performance Of Private Residential Property In Hong Kong – Lai, Anthony W.Y and Tsui,Hon Ying(P)
20.Feasibility Of The Recent Recommendations For The Establishment Of Corporate Voluntary Arrangement (’CVA’)By Corporate Law Reform Committee (CLRC) In Solving Insolvency Issues: A Case Study Of Abandoned Housing Projects In Malaysia – Dr. Nuarrual Hilal Md. Dahlan (P)
21.Fiscal Policy : A Tool For Real Estate Development – Mr. Joseph Justice Quist(P)
22.Gated And Guarded Community In Malaysia; A Study On Residents’ Behaviour And Satisfaction Level Living Inside The Enclosed Residential Area – Peter Aning Anak Tedong (P), Dr. Wan NorAzriyati, Dr. Noor Rosly, Zafirah Al Sadat Zyed.
23.Gen Y Housing Affordability – A Review – Assoc Prof. Mejar Dr. Ahmad Ariffian Bujang(P), Hasmah Abu Zarin, Farah Hanan Md Anuar
24.Home Ownership Dilemma Among Middle Income Household: A Comparison Between Employment In Public And Private Sector In Malaysia – Zafirah Al Sadat Zyed, Dr. Sr. Wan NorAzriyati, Assoc. Prof Sr. Dr. Noor Rosly, Peter Aning Anak Tedong (P)
25.Homebuyers’ Intentions of Inhabiting Eco-Friendly Homes: The Case of A Developing Country – Dr. Tan Teck Hong(P)
26.Land Supply Constraints For Tourism Development: A Case Study in Desaru, Johor Malaysia-Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ismail Omar(P), Dr. Fauziah Raji, Norazura Kasim
27.Liberalization As A ‘Culprit’ In Malaysia’s House Price? Testing The Long-Run Impact – Ema Izati Zull Kepili(P), Dr. Tajul Arifin Masron
28.Locational, Neighbourhood, Structural And Socio-Cultural Attributes Of Housing In Homeownership Decisions. – Dr. Tan Teck Hong (P), Cheah You Yew
29.Low Carbon Cities and Its Implication on Real Estate Development – Prof. Dr. Ho Ching Siong(P)
30.Oil Palm Plantations: Market Value & Market Worth – Sr. Elvin Fernandez (P)
31.Perception of Real Estate Agents in Shanghai on Guanxi In Relationship Marketing – Wu Feifei(P), Dr. Choong Weng Wai
32.Plant And Machinery Valuation: The Understanding Of Premise Of Value Among Malaysian Valuers – Abdul Rahman Mohd. Nasir, Professor Chris Eves (P)
33.Post Occupancy Evaluation Of Building Performance: A Preliminary Study On Awareness And Knowledge Of Practitioners In Malaysia – Dr. Izran Sarrazin Mohammad (P), Prof. Dr. Abdul Hakim Mohammed, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Buang Alias, Dr. Shardy Abdullah
34.Predicting Insurability Factors of Residential Coastal Properties In Malaysia Under Climate Driven Flood Disaster – Dr. Godwin Uche Aliagha(P), Kherun Nita Ali, Assoc. Prof. Hishamuddin Mohd Ali, Dr. Norhaya Kamaruddin, Assoc Prof. Dr Abdul Hamid Mar Iman
35.Property Management Of Heritage Site Under The National Heritage Act 2005: Legal Issues And Challenges – Siti Sarah Sulaiman, Noraziah Abu Bakar(P)
36.Real Estate Agent Non-Verbal Communication Training Software – Ming Yue(P), Dr. Choong Weng Wai
37.Real Option Valuation Approach Framework Under Build Then Sell (BTS) System – Tan Hui Shing(P), Assoc. Prof. Ngerng Miang Hong, Edwin Kit Keong Ng
38.Social Real Estate Model For The Wealth Sharing Programme – Sr. Khaidzir A. Rasip(P)
39.State Intervention In Housing The Urban Poor In The Developing State Of Terengganu In Malaysia : The Macro-Level Examination Of Low-Cost Housing Regulations- Hasniyati Hamzah(P), Prof Laurence Murphy
40.Tenants’ Satisfaction With Building Maintenance In Condominium – Kee-Hao Kor, Dr. Mal-Kong Sia(P)
41.The Costs Of Urban Sprawl In Malaysia – Shahriza Bt Osman (P), Prof. Dr. Abdul Hadi Bin Haji Nawawi, Assoc Prof Dr Jamalunlaili Bin Abdullah
42.The Development Of A Contract Framework For Outsourcing Of Facilities Management – Prof. Dr. Abd Hakim Bin Mohammad, Assoc. Prof. Maizan Bin Baba, Dr. Maimunah Binti Sapri, Assoc. Prof. Dr.Buang Alias, Dr. Izran Sarazzin Bin Muhammad(P)
43.The Economic Value Of Neighbourhood Green Spaces : Analysing The Link Between Housing Prices and Green Spaces – Nor Sahila Mat Samingan, Mohd Johari Mohd Yusof
44.The Impact Of Site Location On The Rental Value Of Commercial Properties Using Spatial Analysis Technique – Assoc. Prof. Dr. Buang Alias (P), Dr. Haji Ibrahim @ Atan bin Sipan, Oliver Valentine Eboy
45.The Importance Of Being Responsive To Market Factors In The Planning Of Housing Supply – Thuraiya Mohd, Noraini Johari(P), Assoc. Professor Dr Buang Alias
46.The Readiness Of Facilities Audit Process In Local Authority – Dr. Maimunah Sapri(P), Assoc. Prof. Maizan Baba, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Norhaya Kamaruddin, Mohd Fauzi Ariffin
47.The Review Of National Land Code 1965 – Meeting The Challenges Of The 21st Century – Professor Salleh Buang (P), Assoc. Prof. Dr Ismail Omar
48.The Significance Of Capital Flows Into The Malaysian Commercial Property Markets – Prof. Graeme Newell (P), Pn. Khuzaimah Abdullah
49.Thin Real Estate Market Modelling For Mass Appraisal Valuation – Junainah Mohamad (P), Dr. Suriatini Ismail, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Hishamuddin, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Norhaya Kamaruddin
50.Time Varying Correlations Between Stock And Direct Real Estate Returns- Dr. Sing Tien Foo (P), Tan Zhung Yao
51.Unbundling Urban Poor And Its Link To Housing – Assoc. Prof. Dr. Aminah Md. Yusof, Chang Chai Saar (P)
52.Unlocking Value Of Waqaf Property: A Case Study Of Commercial Building In Kedah Darul Aman – Shahriza Bt Osman(P), Assoc.Prof. Dr. Ismail Bin Mat, Nor Jihan Bt Ahmad
53.Value Capture Model As A Policy Tool For Urban Development In Malaysia – Norfaezah Ismail(P), Assoc. Prof. Dr. David Martin @ Daud Juanil, Sabariah Eni, Dr. Rozilah Kasim
54.Waterfront developments in Malaysia: Perspectives and Motivation- Azlina Md. Yassin(P), Prof. Sandy Bond, Assoc. Prof. John McDonagh