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1st IRERS 2002 Proceedings
Theme : Future Directions For A Borderless Real Estate Industry
16-18 April 2002 @ Legend Hotel, KL

1.Globalisation And The Need For An Integrated Approach In Real Estate Practice (Mr. William Rodney)
2.The Need For Increased Real Estate Research. (Prof. Graeme Newell)
3.Real Estate Networking. (Prof. Chau Kwong-Wing)
4.ICT In Real Estate Research And Practice – Embracing Changing Technology. (Associate Prof. Dr.Yu Shi Ming)
5.Towards A Word Real Estate Databank. (Michael S. Young)

1.Identifying Critical Environment Areas For Real Estate Evaluation Using GIS Technology. (Dr. Sayed Jamaludin Sayed Ali)
2.The Accuracy Of Property Forecasting. (Professor Graeme Newell)
3.The Holistic Approach To Property Market Analysis. (Ms. Norhaya Kamarudin)
4.The Cyclic Nature Of The Real Property Market : Lesson From The Australian Experience. (Prof. Jon Robinson)
5.Valuation Of Contaminated Land. (Dr. Nelson Chan)
6.Market Value And Market Worth. (Mr. Elvin Fernandes)
7.The Productive And Consumptive Components Of Farm Properties. (Dr. Abd. Hamid Mar Iman)
8.A Review On Performance Measurements In Property Management. (Ms Hajjah Zailan Mohd Isa)
9.Strategic Context Of Facilities Management. (Dr. Danny Shiem-Shin Then)
10.Implementation Of A Government Policy On Building Maintenance. (Mr. Tan Ten Ghee)
11.Integrated Transport And Land Use Strategies And Their Impact On Real Estate : Toward A Suite Approach For Emerging Cities. (Dr. Bassem Younes)
12.Real Option : Experimental Evidence (Prof. Abdullah Yavas)
13.Inflation – Hedging Characteristics Of Real Estate With Respect To Property Types, Geography Areas And Investment Ricks. (Dr. Abdul Hamid Mar Iman)
14.The Role Of Property In Ethical Managed Funds. (Prof. Graeme Newell)
15.Behavior Of Private Developers Towards Low Cost Housing Policy In Malaysia. (Ms. Nor’aini Yusof)
16.Valuing The Loss Of Daylight: Principle And Practice In The UK. (Mr. Paul Chynoweth)
17.Performance Of The Malaysian Residential Property Sectors : A Risk – Return Analysis (Mr. Ting Kien Hwa)
18.Dynamic Effects On Owner – Occupied Housing And Rental Housing : Permanent Shocks And Transitory Shocks. (Dr. Zan Yang)
19.House Price Evidences From A Malaysia Case Study. (Dr. Mohd Nasir Daud)
20.An Analysis Of Property Cycles In Malaysia. (Dr. Aminah Yusof )