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5th IRERS 2010 Proceedings
Theme : Surviving The Economic Crisis : Opportunities & Challenges in Real Estate
27-29 April 2010 @ Putra World Trade Centre (PWTC), KL

1.Understanding The Barriers To Real Estate Investment In Developing Economies (Professor Andrew Baum, Dr Claudia Murray)[PDF]
2.The Significance Of Real Estate In Sovereign Wealth Funds In Asia (Professor Dr. Graeme Newell) [PDF]
3.The Asian Real Estate Tsunami And The Tectonic Aftershocks; A Case For Asian Macro Real Estate Policies To Erect Economic Breakwaters Based On The China Promethean Model (Dr. Christopher Shun Kong Leng, CFP©, RFP™) [PDF]
4.Reviewing The Impact Of The 2008/2009 Global Financial Crisis (GFC) On International Property Markets And Property Professions (Professor Chris Eves)[PDF]
5.Implications Of The Global Financial Crisis For Property Investment (Professor Alastair Adair, Professor Ali Parsa and Dr Terry Grissom)[PDF]
6.Surviving The Economic Crisis: Can Creating ‘Eco-Towns’ Help The Real Estate Sector? (Professor Munir Morad)[PDF]
1.Structural Changes, House Price Dynamics And Housing Affordability In Korea. (Prof. Kyung-Hwan Kim & Prof Man Choo)
2.Industrial Market Structure And Concentration In Malaysian Real Estate Industry. (Muhammad Ridhuan Bos Abdullah & Suhaila Abdul Jalil)
3.Housing Developer Strategy A Comparison Between Malaysia And South Korea Approach. (Ms Tan Pek Voon & Sr. Dr. Zailan Binti Mohd Isa)
4.What Works In Real Estate Marketing? An Estate Agent’s Perspective. (Assoc. Prof. Sr. Dr. Ting Kien Hwa, Sr. Mona Isa & Prof. Sr. Mohd Yunus A. Rahman)
5.Applicability Of Sun Tzu’s The Art Of War For Real Estate Marketing. (Prof. Rosdi Ab Rahman, Dr. Choong Weng Wai & Chai Wee Win)
6.Psychologically Impacted Houses – Superstitions And Marketability Problems. (Sr. Dr. Anuar Alias, Diyana Farhana Hamsani & Hayroman Ahmad)
7.Affordable Housing For Middle Income Households In Malaysia. (Dr. Wan Nor Azriyati Wan Abd Aziz, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Noor Rosly Hanif & Dr. Kuppusamy A/L Singaravello)
8.Spatial And Temporal Considerations In House Price Index Construction. (Nurul Hana Binti Adi Maimun & Dr. Suriatini Ismail)
9.A New Procedure Of The Sales Comparison Method. (Rohana Abd Rahman & Dr. Taher Buyong)
10.Advanced Methods Of Mass Appraisal. (Dr. Taher Buyong & Dr. Suriatini Ismail)
11.Spatial Temporal Valuation Models. (Ebarahim Jahanshiri & Dr. Taher Buyong)
12.Assessing The Impact Of Floods And Floods Legislation On Residential Property Prices. (Prof. Chris Eves, Andrea Blake & Lyndall Bryant)
13.The Impact Of Housing Regulations On The Structure Of Housing Provision: Initial Findings From A Malaysian Case Study. (Hasniyati Hamzah, Laurence Murphy & Deborah Levy)
14.Acquisition Of Orang Asli Saka Lands – Does Monetary Compensation Matters?. (Sr. Dr. Anuar Alias & Prof. Madya Dr. Md Nasir Daud)
15.The Aftermath Of Tan Ying Hong V Tan Sian San: Issues And Challenges Relating To A Bona Fide Purchaser For Value. (Noraziah Abu Bakar & Habibah Kiprawi)
16.It’s Place In Property Education: Where Does Property Law Fit In To Property Programs?. (Andrea Blake, Lucy Cradduck & Kristy Richardson)
17.Property Education: The Knowledge Gained By The Graduates Vs. The Industry Expectation. (Norhayati Daud & Dr. Zarita Ahmad @ Baharum)
18.Simulation Games In Real Estate Training And Education. (Prof. Rosdi Abdul Rahman, Dr. Choong Weng Wai & Tan Sze Chen)
19.Income Multiples And Mortgage Repossession In The UK. (Dr. Joseph A Bamidele)
20.Inflation Hedging Characteristics Of Malaysian Residential Properties. (Ahmad Shazrin Mohamed Azmi, Sr.Dr. Ting Kien Hwa, Adibah Othman, Shahrom Md. Ariffin, Mona Isa, Morni Kaspin & Hasmida Hassan)
21.Economic Growth And Residential Housing Supply In Malaysia. (Mohd Zaini Abd Karim, Sallahuddin Hassan & Muhammad Ridhuan Bos Abdullah)
22.House Price Inflation And Affordability: Challenges And Issues. (Assoc. Prof. Zainal Abidin Hashim & Tamat Sarmidi)
23.Measuring Performance Of Municipal Real Estate: Softening The Impact Of Financial Crisis To Local Governments. (Muhammad Hasbi Hanis, Bambang Trigunarsyah & Connie Susilawati)
24.Issues Associated With Housing Delivery Systems Practiced In Malaysia. (Shu Te Ying, Mej. Prof. Madya Dr. Ahmad Ariffian Bin Hj. Bujang & Dr. Choong Weng Wai)
25.An Evolution Of Waterfront Development In Malaysia: From History To Modernization. (Azlina Binti Md. Yassin, Prof. Chris Eves & John Mcdonagh)
26.Development Of Knowledge Management Strategies For Property Management Companies In Malaysia.(Muhammad Najib Razali & Dr. David Martin Juanil)
27.The Need To Incorporate The Corporate Real Estate (CRE) Into Strategic Business Planning: An Overview.(Marwani Mohd Ridzuan & Dr.Zaiton Ali)
28.The Critical Factors To Improve Property Management Practice In The Malaysian Public Sector. (Dr. Shardy Abdullah, Arman Abd. Razak & Mohd Hanizun Hanafi)
29.Facilities Management In Financial Institutions: The Service Level Perspective. (Azmi Bin Ali)
30.The Development And Performance Of Islamic REITs In Malaysia. (Prof. Dr. Graeme Newell & Atasya Osmadi)
31.The Willingness To Invest In Asian Real Estate From A Dutch Perspective. (V. Hagenbeek & I.I.H. Lim)
32.Institutional Investors’ Investment In Malaysian Property Shares. (Sr. Dr. Ting Kien Hwa & Lew Siow Chei)
33.Foreign Ownership Of Residential Properties And ‘Malaysia My Second Home Programme’. ( Sr. Khuzaimah Abdullah & Dr. Jasmine Lim Lay Cheng)
34.Effects Of Property Characteristics On Risks Of REITs Property Portfolios. (Sr. Dr. Ting Kien Hwa & Choi Kuan Wai)
35.Investments In Eco-Friendly Residential Schemes: What Motivation For The Developers?. (Dr. Rahah Ismail)
36.Factors Affecting Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) On Industrial Properties In Malaysia. (Abdul Rahman Mohd Nasir)
37.Is Iskandar Malaysia The New Hot Spots In Malaysia?. (Asmah Mohd Nasir, Abdul Rahman Mohd Nasir & Faziah Abd Rasid)
38.Ten Years Review Of Malaysia My Second Home Programme (MM2H). (Lee Lay See, Dr. Choong Weng Wai & Prof. Rosdi Bin Abdul Rahman)
39.Recent Developments In The Japanese Real Estate Appraisal Industry. (Kaz Fujiki)
40.Identifying Strategic Issues And Prioritizing Research Areas For The Real Estate Sector In Malaysia. (Prof. Dr. Mohd Shahwahid Hj. Othman, Dr. Zaiton A., Lailawati M.S., Mohd Ihsan M.S., Sr. Khuzaimah A. & Norhayati Daud)
41.Identifying Descriptors For Developing The Office Building Grading Framework In Malaysia. (Aniza Abdul Aziz, Yasmin Mohd Adnan, Mohd Nasir Daud, & Ibrahim Mohamad)
42.Assessment Method To Evaluate Building Condition Of Ecstract™ Using Condition Survey Protocol (CSP) 1 Matrix – A.I. (Che-Ani, A.S.M. Tazilan, N.M. Tawil, N.A.G. Abdullah, M.M. Tahir)
43.The Significance Of Life Cycle Costing In Malaysia Procurement Procedure. (Noorsidi Aizuddin Mat Noor, Dr. Buang Alias & Noor Faizah Abdul Mutalib)