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3rd IRERS 2006 Proceedings
Theme : Meeting New Challenges In The Changing Real Estate Environment.
11-13 April 2006 @ Putra World Trade Centre (PWTC), KL

1.The Accuracy Of Property Forecasting. (Graeme Newell) [PDF]
2.Survival Of The Fittest: The Future Of The real estate Professionals (Dr. Teoh Poh Huat) [PDF]
3.International Real Estate Investment Through Indirect Vehicles : An Initial View Of Risk And Return Characteristics. (Andrew Baum, PhD) [PDF]
4.Market Score : Assessing Risk And Return In Asian Office Investment Markets. (Andrew Ness & Ada Choi) [PDF]
5.Real Estate Challenges, Opportunities And Disclosures European Viewpoint. (Alastair Adair) [PDF]
6.Housing Market In Sharjah, UAE. (Dr. Ir. Obaid Ahmed Al-Tunaiji)

1.The Role Of Emerging Property Sectors In Property Portfolios (Prof. Graeme Newell & Hsu Wen Peng)
2.Barriers To Private Sector Investment Into Regeneration (Prof. Alastair Adair, Jim Berry, Stanley McGreal & Norman Hutchison)
3.Managing Specific Risk In Property Portfolios (Prof. Andrew Baum & Peter Struempell)
4.Development Of Real Estate Education At The University Of Johannesburg (Prof.NJ Smith & S.H.P Chikafalimani)
5.Training Needs In Facilities Management – A Study Among Officers In Local Authorities In Malaysia (Zaharah Manap & Muhammad Najib Razali)
6.Property And Valuation Education:An Analysisof UWS Property Student From 1994 To 2006 (Dr. Chris Eves)
7.Post-Graduate Real Estate Education In Africa (S.H.P.Chikafalimani & C.E. Cloete)
8.Real Estate Education In Malaysia : A New Paradigm (Dr. Hishamuddin Mohd Ali & Dr. Buang Alias)
9.Using GIS-MRA Generated LOVE Surface For Computing Adjustment Factors In The Prediction Of Residential Property Values (Dr. Abdul Hamid Bin Hj. Mar Iman & Chin Chui Vui)
10.Integrating Three Dimensional GIS And Virtual Reality In The Design And Development Of Web-Based GIS Property Marketing Information System (Siti Aekbal Salleh, Wan Mohd Naaim Wan Mohd, Abdul Hadi Hj. Nawawi & Evan Sadek Said Md. Sadek)
11.Geo-Information Neural System For Single Property Valuation (Abdul Ghani Sarip)
12.Measurement Of Indoor Air Quality In Malaysian Buildings (Dr. Nor Mariah Adam)
13.Development Of Knowledge Management System: A Preliminary Study On Facilities Management In Malaysia (Muhammad Najib Mohd Razali, Zaharah Manaf & Burhaida Burhan)
14.Commercial Developers In Malaysia: The Need For Regulations (Dr. Azlinor Sufian)
15.Payment Of Deposit In Sale And Purchase Of Land In Malaysia:A Legal Perspective (Dr. Nor Asiah Mohamad)
16.Security Of Tenure Under The Malaysian Torrens System:What Next After Boonsom Boonyanit (Prof. Salleh Buang)
17.The National Land Policy-The Way Forward For A Sustainable Economic, Environmental And Social Development Of Malaysia (Dr. Azimuddin Bahari)
18.Hedonic Modelling Of Housing Markets Using Geographical Information System(GIS) And Spatial Statistic: Glasgow, Scotland (Suriatini Ismail & Bryan D. Macgregor)
19.Modelling House Price In Malaysia : An Analysis Of Hedonic Function Of House-Specific Characteristics (Dr. Aminah Md. Yusof)
20.Determining The Influence Of Location On Shop House’s Rental Value Using Spatial Statistics Techniques (Oliver Valentine Eboy)
21.The Question Of Professionalism In The Management Of High-Rise Residential Buildings (Dr.Nor Malina Malek & Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tiun Ling Ta)
22.Property Management In Medium Cost High Residential Building: Is There Room For Improvement? (Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tiun Ling Ta & Y. M. Lim)
23.Measuring Tenant’s Satisfaction Of Purpose Built Office Buildings (Zarita Ahmad Baharum, Prof. Madya Dr. Hj. Abdul Hadi Nawawi & Prof. Dr. Hj. Zainal Mat Saat)
24.Customer Satisfaction in The Management Of Public Office Buldings : Evidence From Malaysia (Dr. Zailan Binti Mohd Isa & Prof. Dr. Mazlan Ismail)
25.Determining Adequate Compensation In Land Acquisition : Case Study In Malacca (Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ismail Omar, Mazlan Ismail & Nor Hidayah Md. Yunus)
26.Is Urban Conservation A Viable Real Estate Development Strategy For Georgetown Penang : Some Preliminary Findings (Lim Yoke Mui, Lim Lek Meng, Nor’aini Yusof, Cahng Shu Fun, Tan Sook Fern & Mohd Wira Mohd Shafie)
27.Investment Demand Of Residential Properties In Kedah (Shariza Osman)
28.Waterfront Regeneration : Models For Urban Planning Interventions (Prof. Ahmed M. Salah Ouf)
29.Town Planning In An Environment Of Non-Compliance (Dr. Goh Ban Lee)
30.Issues On Gated Community Development (Tin Kien Hwa & Tan Yen Keng)
31.Procurement System Most Preferred By Residential Property Developers (Prof. Khairudin Abdul Rashid)
32.The Role Of Valuation In International Real Estate Investment (Prof. Andrew Baum)
33.A Study On Valuation Variance Of Commercial Properties In Malaysia (Asmah Mohd. Nasir)
34.Valuation Of Forest Resources In Malaysia: Present Status And Challenges For Valuers (Dr. Awang Noor Abd. Ghani)
35.Payment Of Adequate Compensation In Land Acquisition : Issues And Perspectives (Anuar Alias & Assoc. Prof. Dr. Md. Nasir Daud)
36.Maintaining Sports Facilities In Malaysia Through Strategic Planning System (Mohd Zulakhmar Zakiyudin)
37.Developing A Contractual Framework For Outsourcing Of Facilities Management (Maizan Baba & Assoc. Prof. Dr. Abdul Hakim Mohammad)
38.Globalisation And Its Impact On Institution And Urban Change In Klang Valey (Prof. Dr. Maziah Ismail, Mohd. Nazali Mohd. Nor & Julian Hazri Simandjoentak)
39.An Institutional Framework For Research Into Housing Market Performance : The Potential For A Comparative Study Between The UK And Malaysia (Dr. Rahah Ismail, Dr. Zailan Mohd Isa, Tan Pek Voon, Shanti Rani, Asmah Mohd Nasir, Dr. Mark Page, Dr. Ali Parsa & Prof. Barry Redding)
40.Corporate Real Estate Intensities Of Companies Listed On Bursa Malaysia (Ting Kien Hwa)
41.Size Effect On The Performance Of Listed Real Estate Companies (Dr. Hishamuddin Mohd. Ali)
42.Profitability And Capital Structure Of The Property And Construction Sectors In Malaysia (Wan Mansor Wan Mahmood & Rozimah Zakaria)
43.Environment Management Strategy To Reach Of Property Sustainable (Johan Hermawan &Djoko Suwarno)
44.Internationalisation Of Malaysian Housing Developers : Cases From India, South Africa, Australia And Cambodia (Ahmed Usman Awil & Abdul Rashid Abdul Aziz)
45.Malaysian Housing Developers’ Intent To Diversify Internationally Malaysian Housing (Ho Siew Yi & Abdul Rashid Abdul Aziz)