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2nd IRERS 2004 Proceedings
Theme : Towards Enhancement Of Knowledge Partnerships In Real Estate.
13-15 April 2004 @ Pan Pacific Hotel, KL

1.Opportunities In Commercialized Real Estate Portals In Asia: Evidence From Singapore. (Dr. Muhammad Faishal Ibrahim)
2.The Global Information Exchange In Real Estate Practice – Current Opportunities The Perspective From Europe. (Prof. Alastair Adair & Stanley Mcgreal)
3.U.S. Real Estate Market Information: Analysis Of Occupancy Cycles And Rental Growth Rates-Current Opportunities. (Prof. Glenn Mueller)
4.Crossing The Divide Between The Emerging And Mature Real Estate Market. (Prof. Chau Kwong, Wing)
5.Surmounting The Challenges To Knowledge Partnerships. (Dr. Rahah Ismail)
6.The Role Of Real Estate Research In Policy Formulation – The Perspective From Thailand. (Mr. Sopon Pornchokchai)
7.The Role Of Real Estate Research In Policy Formulation – The Perspective From Thailand – The Perspective From Australia. (Prof. Graeme Newell)

1.The Role Of Land Use Planning In Promoting Real Estate Development. (Prof. Ahmed Salah Ouf)
2.Capacity Evaluation Production The House At Area Of Real Estate (Case Study In Semarang). (Hermawan W. Suzy)
3.Efficient Housing Production Process For Better Performance. (Maria S. N. Marealle)
4.The Underlying Real Estate Value Of Intangibles In The Built Environment. (Zulkiflee Abdul Samad)
5.The Use Of Income Valuation Methods To Value Rural Property. (Chris Eves)
6.Intelligent Office Investment : Current And Future Directions In The City Of Kuala Lumpur. (Dr. Aminah Md. Yusof)
7.Valuation Of Timber Resource Technique. (Azmi Nordin)
8.Malaysian Property Firms – The Governance Issue. (Roselina Ahmad Shakir)
9.Rethinking Property Management In Malaysia: The Need For Practical Guidelines In The Management Of High – Rise Residential Complexes. (Dr. Tiun Ling Ta & Dr. Nor Malina Malek)
10.Service Quality And Its Relevance To Real Estate Agency In Malaysia. (Teoh Poh Huat)
11.Bridging The Gap Between Architectural Design And Facilities Management : A Knowledge Management Perspective. (Rizal Husin)
12.Do Riskier Borrowers Borrow More? (Prof. Abdullah Yavas)
13.Information Transparency And Out Performance In Asian Property Companies. (Prof. Graeme Newell)
14.Sources Of Net Present Values In Property Acquisitions : A Real Estate And Finance Literature Synthesis. (Ting Kien Hwa)
15.Privatization Of Property Development At The Local Government Level : Case Study Kuala Lumpur City Hall.
16.Pre-Qualification Of Contracting Firms : Lessons From The UK, World Bank And The EU. (Sharina Farihah Hassan)
17.Strategic Planning In Managing Public Property. (Mohd. Zulakhmar Zakiyuddin)
18.Impact Of Land Encroachment By Private Real Estate Developers In Dhaka City. (Md Mahfil Ali)
19.Incorporating Virtual Reality Capabilities Into GIS For Visual Impact Analysis. (Sayed Jamaludin S. Ali)
20.Valuation Of Rail Track And Gas Pipeline Corridor Using Across – The Fence Method. (Prof. Dr. Buang Alias)
21.The Impacts Of The Government’s Package Of New Strategies On The Performance Of The Residential Property Sector Of Malaysia. (Dr. Mohamad Abdul Mohit)
22.Depreciation That Worries The Owner. (Prof. Abdul Aziz Hussin)
23.PME Valuation: Training Opportunities In Malaysia – Are We On The Right Track? (Zaharah Manaf)
24.Using GIS-MRA Generated Local errors Of Prediction Surface To Model Locational Influence In The Prediction Of Residential Property Values. (Prof. Dr Abdul Hamid Mar Iman)
25.The Affordability Structure And Affordability Index of Residential Properties In Kuala Lumpur. (Asmah Mohd Nasir)
26.The Concept Of Using Knowledge From Multiple Experts In The Valuation Domain. (Prof. Dr. Abdul Hadi Nawawi)
27.The Role Of IT in Managing and Promoting Construction Project In Malaysia. (L. A. Mohammed)
28.Dynamics Of The Direct Real Estate Markets In China. (Prof. Graeme Newell)
29.House Price Discovery In Malaysia: A Preliminary Analysis. (Dr. Aminah Mohd Yusof)
30.Bona Fide Purchaser For Value: A Special Creature In The Malaysian Real Estate Law. (Dr. Nor Asiah Mohamad)
31.Predicting Kuala Lumpur House Prices: A Comparison Of Multiple Regression Analysis And Artificial Neutral Networks. (Prof. Dr. Rasimah Aripin)