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1. Strata OMG 2.0 : Owner’s Manual & Guidebook


Pengarang   : Chris Tan                

Imprint          : Petaling Jaya : The Edge Property, 2019 

Mukasurat    : 120  


This is the updated version with more comprehensive info after gather the common issues from strata owners, developer and property management.

If you are reading this, there is more than 25% chance that this is a book that you MUST take home with you.

Read the following keywords one by one and as you do, observe what feelings arise:

“Service Charges, Sinking Fund, Maintenance, Management Office, Common Property, Common Facilities, Strata Title, Security, Access Cards, By Laws, House Rules, Visitor Carparks, Developer, Joint Management Body (JMB), Management Corporation (MC), Voting Rights, AGM, Proxy, Quorum, Corporate Representative, Election, Office Bearer, Audited Property Management Accounts, Commissioner of Building and Strata Management Tribunal.”

YES, any form of connection or curiosity you just experienced indicates a more than 50% chance that you will pick up this book now and lend it at the library.

NOW, choose the following points that applied to you: 

      1. I live or operate in Peninsular Malaysia

      2. I stay or operate in a property with common property, common facility and a

     functional guardhouse with security guards

      3. I pay a service charge and sinking fund

      4. I deal with a management office (Developer, JMB or MC)

      5. I own or rent or am about to buy or rent a property like that

While you were busy choosing the points above, you may have heard a voice saying “OMG, this book is 100% for me!”.

Be my guest and PERMIT yourself to be informed and then to enjoy the optimum benefits of this prevailing model of community living – STRATA.

That’s RIGHT!

According to a parliamentary speech in December 2012 by a Minister,

1 out of 4 Malaysians live in a strata development in Malaysia.

2.Real Estate Investing for dummies (4th edition)

Real Estate Investing

Pengarang   : Eric Tyson             

Imprint          : Hoboken, New Jersey, USA :  John Wiley & Sons, 2020 

Mukasurat    : 434   


Do you want to get involved in real estate investing, but aren't quite sure where to start? This is your go-to resource for making sense of the subject. Written by industry experts Eric Tyson and Robert Griswold, this new edition of Real Estate Investing for Dummies offers timely, proven, practical, and actionable advice to overcome the challenges of the market and keep yourself one step ahead of the competition. 

With the help of this straightforward and time-tested information, you'll get the know-how to wisely and confidently make smart, sound, and informed real estate investing decisions that will reap big rewards. Highlights include:

  • The Tax Reform and Jobs Act bill in USA that took effect in 2018 
  • The best types of investment properties for different types of investors 
  • NNN (triple nets) investments and REITs/TICs 
  • Tech applications to support property management operations and accounting

A step-by-step primer for preparing to buy, identifying the property, due diligence, closing the transaction, leasing the property and ongoing operations and property management. 

There’s no time like the present to jump into the real estate market as first-time investors or experienced investors who want to brush up on the changes that have occurred in the market.

3. Property Buying for Gen Y

Property Buying For Gen

Pengarang   : Khalil Adis           

Imprint          : Petaling Jaya : MPH Publisher, 2016 

Mukasurat    : 144     

Sinopsis :

Property Buying for Gen Y is written specially for young Malaysians looking to buy their first home but are unsure of how to navigate the complex Malaysian property market.

Khalil Adis has written this book to make property buying less intimidating for Gen Ys and show them there are still homes within their budget. From basic financial calculations to home renovation, this book contains tips and strategies from his many years of writing on the subject, interviewing the movers and shakers in the industry as well as from his own personal experience when buying his first home.

He hopes this book will help Gen Ys enhance their net worth so that they can start accumulating wealth at a young age.

4. Follow The Trains

Follow The Trains

Pengarang   : David Liu              

Imprint          : Kuala Lumpur : David Liu, 2020 

Mukasurat    : 159 

Sinopsis :

This is the Property book based on research and data that suitable for Investors and Home Buyers are looking for properties especially High Rise (Apartment & Condominium) near to MRT Train Stations. The book we have spent lots of time and effort to compile and features wonderful Drone Images, Transaction Price Movement

& Average Rental Rate as reference.

A lot of investors make the wrong decision or act too late when they want to leverage in properties surrounding MRT or LRT stations. This is a handy reference guide that provides vital information before you make any investment decisions. Simple and straight to the point.

 5. Inside Real Estate : Buy, Sell and Profit in Any Property Market  

Inside Real Estate

Pengarang   : Peter O’Malley          

Imprint           : Melbourne : John Wiley & Sons , 2017 

Mukasurat    : 242 

Sinopsis :

Inside Real Estate is a down-to-earth consumer guide for anyone navigating the property market in the digital age. Written by industry veteran Peter O'Malley, this book exposes the truth about modern real estate and shows you how to work the market to optimize your financial benefit. Forget what you've seen or heard about the media's hype surrounding real estate doesn't accurately reflect the reality on the ground. With the rise of digital platforms, foreign buyers and property booms and busts, the agent's role is changing amidst a rapidly evolving field; media spin benefits agents more than consumers, but this book offers step-by-step guidance on silencing the noise and working with reality.

Exposing common practices and blowing myths wide open, this book shows you what the property market is today and how to take advantage of it to buy, sell or invest in your best financial interest.

  • Cut through the hype and learn the truth behind the myths
  • Understand the agent's new and changing role in a disrupted industry
  • Learn the tips, traps and tactics that could sink or save your investment
  • Deal with rising and falling markets as a buyer or seller

The industry's digital disruption is not going away, and certain aspects of the market have been permanently changed as a result. The good news is that property is still a smart financial move, and it is possible to come out ahead regardless of the market's behaviour but first you need to separate spin from reality. Inside Real Estate takes you behind the curtain to help you navigate the market with clear eyes and a solid understanding of the real-world market.

6. Flexibility and Real Estate Valuation Under Uncertainty : A Practical Guide For Developers


Pengarang   : David Geltner              

Imprint          : Hoboken : John Wiley & Sons, 2018

Muka surat   : 231

Sinopsis :

This book takes a practical "engineering" approach to the valuation of options and flexibility in real estate. It presents simple simulation models built in universal spreadsheet software such as Microsoft Excel. These realistically reflect the varying and erratic sources of uncertainty and price dynamics that uniquely characterize real estate. The text covers new analytic procedures that are valuable for existing properties and enable a new, more profitable perspective on the planning, design, operation, and evaluation of large scale, multiphase development projects. The book thereby aims to significantly improve valuation and investment decision making.

Flexibility and Real Estate Valuation under Uncertainty: A Practical Guide for Developers is presented at 3 levels.

First, it introduces and explains the concepts underlying the approach at a basic level accessible to non-technical and non-specialized readers. Its introductory and concluding chapters present the important “big picture” implications of the analysis for economics and valuation, project design and investment decision making.

At a second level, the book presents a framework, a roadmap for the prospective analyst. It describes the practical tools in detail, taking care to go through the elements of the approach step-by-step for clarity and easy reference.

The third level includes more technical details and specific models. An Appendix discusses the technical details of real estate price dynamics. Associated web pages provide electronic spreadsheet templates for the models used as examples in the book.

Some features of the book include:

•    Concepts and tools that are simple and accessible to a broad audience of practitioners;

•     An approach relevant for all development projects;

•    Complementarity with the author's Commercial Real Estate Analysis & Investments: the most-cited real estate investments textbook on the market.

Flexibility and Real Estate Valuation under Uncertainty: A Practical Guide for Developers is for everyone studying or concerned with the implementation of large-scale or multi-phase real estate development projects, as well as property investment and valuation more generally.

 7. Landlording on Auto Pilot: A Simple, No-Brainer System for Higher  Profits, Less Work and More Fun (2nd edition)


Pengarang   : Mike Butler           

Imprint           : Hoboken, NJ : John Wiley & Sons, 2018

Muka surat   : 259

Sinopsis :

Whether you're looking for your first rental property or just looking for a better way to manage the ones you have, this audiobook shows you Mike Butler's strategies, mind-set, tools, and technologies to make your rental business a boatload easier while giving you a lot more time to do what you want! 

Mike's simple methods can be implemented in downtown Manhattan or Anytown, USA, whether you manage high-end penthouses or Section Eight rentals, and you can do it all from your smartphone or tablet - and best of all, most of the technology doesn't cost a penny.  

There comes a time in every landlord's "landlording" experience when the income doesn't feel worth the hassle. Don't give up! Investment property can be a wonderful source of income - with the right approach. Mike Butler's approach is "autopilot", and it tips the scales toward more profit, more income, and much less stress.  

  • Discover the latest - and mostly free - landlording technologies  
  • Huge updates on Section Eight, rental application processing changes, and more  
  • How to deal with the latest rash of federal, state, and local laws attacking landlords  
  • Explore market trends and conditions through the eyes of a seasoned real estate investor

If your properties are taking up too much of your life, Landlording on Autopilot is your ultimate guide to reclaiming your time and your profit. 

8. Real Estate Dangers And How to Avoid Them : A Guide to Making Smarter Decisions as a Buyer, Seller and Landlord 

Real Estate Dangers

Pengarang   : Andrew Trim          

Imprint           : Melbourne :  John Wiley & Sons , 2018

Muka surat   : 216 

Sinopsis :

Real Estate Dangers and How to Avoid Them is a must-read guide for anyone thinking of buying or selling property or becoming a landlord. Whether you’re looking for your dream home, to sell a property, or to invest, flip or rent out an existing investment, this book is packed with the insider information you need to avoid getting ripped off. By shining a light on the flawed and unnecessary aspects of the real estate industry, this book will help you make smarter decisions based on knowledge rather than “advice,” saving you time, money and headache. Stories of those who have seen the dangers highlight the ways in which this outdated system takes advantage of first timers and experienced investors alike and expert guidance shows you how to steer clear of the traps and pitfalls lurking around every transaction.

Nearly everyone will have their hands in real estate at some point, and the real estate industry can be intimidating after all, you rarely make financial transactions this large. But the truth is that the industry can be quite simple and can go quite smoothly if you eliminate the distractions and focus on making smart decisions. This book shows you the truth about the industry, helping you:

  • Avoid the traps that rip off buyers and sellers
  • Make smart decisions, minimise financial risk and let the system work for you
  • Identify unnecessary add-ons and bogus charges
  • Learn the tricks of the trade so you can save your money
  • Become a smarter landlord and attract quality tenants.

With clear, no-nonsense advice for buyers, sellers, landlords, and flippers, Real Estate Dangers and How to Avoid Them arms you with the knowledge you need to succeed in the property business.

9. Epidemic Leadership: How to Lead Infectiously in the Era of Big Problems

Epidemic Leadership

Pengarang   :  Larry McEvoy              

Imprint           :  Hoboken, NJ : John Wiley & Sons, 2021

Muka surat   :  238 

Sinopsis :

Epidemic Leadership introduces an adaptive leadership approach designed to help you (and your followers) thrive and influence in today’s complex age. This book provides a how-to methodology for simply and practically putting the principles of epidemic phenomena into successful practice. By understanding their function in adaptive systems and applying their organizing principles to daily work, you can lead more effectively for greater results, more agile responsiveness, and deeper vitality.

Epidemic Leadership synthesizes science, stories of leadership experience, and practical technique to shape the challenge of “leading in complex environments” into a compelling field guide for leaders who seek to improve results and contribute to a healthier world. You will be inspired, challenged, and practically equipped to begin a journey toward exponential positive impact in this pivotal era.  

  • Discover a novel leadership approach that’s particularly applicable to tackling the big problems in your workplace and world  
  • Realize better performance and enhance your ability to create results sooner and more sustainably, across a wider array of processes and topics  
  • Restore vitality in yourself and those you lead, for renewed hope, enthusiasm and engagement

Companies and institutions will benefit from the deep capacities Epidemic Leadership builds. For leaders who struggle to find enough time and energy to create the impact they seek, this book offers a unique path for our challenging times.

10. It's Not Always Right to Be Right: And Other Hard- Won Leadership Lessons 

Its Not Always


Pengarang   : Hamisah Thomson                 

Imprint           : Melbourne : John Wiley & Sons,  2021

Muka surat   : 282 

Sinopsis :

Have you ever noticed that individuals of brilliance often fall short of their true potential? Great ideas, concepts, and initiatives seldom break through the sea of business mediocrity. As a senior international leader with more than 30 years of corporate experience, Hamish Thomson has discovered that true transformation and breakthrough comes from personal insight-derived not from intellect or technical mastery, but from experience and observation of real-life occurrences.

It's Not Always Right to Be Right offers unique business and leadership insights, teachable models, and practical advice on what one needs to do differently to achieve desired results. Writing in a casual, autobiographical style, Hamish shares the key experiences and hard-won lessons that enabled him to drive significant change when all the right ways of doing things didn't work. Packed with fascinating true-to-life stories and powerful, often counterintuitive lessons, this invaluable guide:

  • Offers honest business and leadership lessons drawn from a long and successful corporate career;
  • Features learning messages, practical steps, and shareable strategic models and frameworks to help you make a tangible difference where it counts; and
  • Provides strategic models that can be used to frame discussions and drive change in individuals, teams, and entire organizations.

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