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Plenary Sessions 

Are you ready to delve into the dynamic world of real estate and gain unparalleled insights from industry luminaries? The International Real Estate Research Symposium (IRERS) beckons you to its captivating Plenary Sessions – a cornerstone of intellectual discourse and professional exchange.

IRERS unfolds with not just one but two Plenary Sessions, each brimming with the wealth of knowledge and experience. Esteemed presenters hailing from both international and local institutions take the stage, offering invaluable insights into the current real estate environment. These sessions are meticulously crafted to provide a comprehensive overview of the ever-evolving real estate landscape.

One of the unique aspects of IRERS Plenary Sessions is the active involvement of reputable panellists, ensuring a diverse and enriched discussion. These panellists are not just experts but authorities in their respective fields, representing a cross-section of the industry, including Government Officers, Academicians, Valuers, Bankers, Surveyors, Developers, Planners, and Property Consultants.

The second Plenary Session takes the form of an Industry Forum, fostering dialogue among industry players, government representatives, and academicians. This forum is a melting pot of perspectives, bringing together professionals from diverse backgrounds to engage in an intellectual discourse dedicated to shaping the future of the real estate sector.

IRERS doesn't stop at presentations; it transforms into a hub of Industry Networking. The Real Estate Forum / Industry Sessions are designed exclusively for industry players – Valuers, Bankers, Surveyors, Developers, Planners, and Property Consultants. This is your chance to connect, collaborate, and contribute to the broader narrative of the real estate industry.

Why Attend IRERS Plenary Sessions?

  • Gain insights from international presenters and panellists, enriching your understanding of global real estate dynamics.
  • Get a holistic view of the current real estate landscape, spanning trends, challenges, and innovative solutions.
  • Connect with industry leaders, government officials, and academicians during the Industry Forum and sessions dedicated to intellectual discourse.

IRERS Plenary Sessions promise an illuminating journey into the heart of real estate. Be part of this transformative experience by registering for the symposium. Don't miss your chance to be at the forefront of industry discourse, where knowledge converges, and the future of real estate takes shape.

Join us at IRERS – where insights meet innovation, and the real estate horizon unfolds before your eyes. Secure your spot today!