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1. Applied Quantitative Analysis for Real Estate         

Applied Quantitative Analysis

Pengarang   : Sotiris Tsolacos               

Imprint          : New York : Routledge, 2021 

Mukasurat    : 310


To fully function in today's global real estate industry, students and professionals increasingly need to understand how to implement essential and cutting-edge quantitative techniques. This book presents an easy-to-read guide to applying quantitative analysis in real estate aimed at non-cognate undergraduate and masters students and meets the requirements of modern professional practice. Through case studies and examples illustrating applications using data sourced from dedicated real estate information providers and major firms in the industry, the book provides an introduction to the foundations underlying statistical data analysis, common data manipulations and understanding descriptive statistics, before gradually building up to more advanced quantitative analysis, modelling and forecasting of real estate markets. Our examples and case studies within the chapters have been specifically compiled for this book and explicitly designed to help the reader acquire a better understanding of the quantitative methods addressed in each chapter. Our objective is to equip readers with the skills needed to confidently carry out their own quantitative analysis and be able to interpret empirical results from academic work and practitioner studies in the field of real estate and in other asset classes. Both undergraduate and masters level students, as well as real estate analysts in the professions, will find this book to be essential reading.

2. Industrial and Business Space Development: Implementation and urban renewal

Industrial n Business

Pengarang   : Stuart Morley               

Imprint          : Baca Raton: CRC Press, 2019 

Mukasurat    : 303  


An insight into the changing nature of the industrial and business space property market and how business space development schemes can be initiated and implemented to revitalise urban areas.

3. Place-Based Evaluation for Integrated Land-Use Management 

Place Based Evaluation

Pengarang   : Johan Woltjer           

Imprint          : London:  Routledge, 2020 

Mukasurat    : 394   

Sinopsis :

In recent years, there has been an increasing emphasis placed on local and regional integration in major planning projects and infrastructure development including roads, rail and waterways. This emphasis is not only on integrating various projects, but also integrating them with related issues such as housing, industry, environment and water. In other words, land-use planning and infrastructure management have become more spatially-oriented. This book brings together experts in the fields of spatial planning, land-use and infrastructure management to explore the emerging agenda of spatially-oriented integrated evaluation. It weaves together the latest theories, case studies, methods, policy and practice to examine and assess the values, impacts, benefits and the overall success in integrated land-use management. In doing so, the book clarifies the nature and roles of evaluation and puts forward guidance for future policy and practice.

4. Social Innovation: Asian Case Studies of Innovation for the Common Good

Social Inovation

Pengarang   : Sarah Kai-Yin Cheah             

Imprint          : London: Routledge, 2020 

Mukasurat    : 124

Sinopsis :

In the world of creating new ventures with the single goal of achieving financial profitability, it is well known that nine of ten start-ups are likely to fail. For new social ventures that have the twin goals of financial profitability and social inclusiveness, the chances of failures are even higher.

This book provides insight into the common struggles of social activists and the strategic responses necessary to not only overcome their organizational issues but also address the world’s pressing social challenges. The book not only traces the journey of the social activists in growing their social ventures to flesh out real-life issues but also introduces the latest management thinking on social innovation in daily business decision. This book makes a useful contribution in furthering the concepts of social innovation and entrepreneurship and inspiring more change agents to create and implement effective, scalable and sustainable solutions to address social issues and meet the needs of the disadvantaged groups in the society.

5. Strategy, Structure and Corporate Governance

Startegy , Structure  n Corporate

Pengarang   : Nabyla Daidj           

Imprint           : London : Routledge, 2017 

Mukasurat    : 225 

Sinopsis :

Since the beginning of the 2000s, important changes in external environments have affected the corporate governance practices of firms all around the world. The corporate governance structure in each country develops in response to country-specific factors and conditions. Firms are currently engaged in a variety of dynamic business relationships such as business networks, strategic alliances, and conglomerates especially in high technology sectors. Strategy, Structure and Corporate Governance by Nabyla Daidj, proposes to analyze the main trends and drivers of change in corporate governance of several kinds of organizations: - Large conglomerates. The development of large and complex conglomerate organizations have played an important role in the economy in Japan but also in other countries such as Korea with chaebols, which can be defined as closely intertwined industrial groupings. - Inter-firms’ networks (districts, clusters etc.); and, - 'Recent' forms of inter-firms networks (business ecosystems). The author examines several case studies and shows how shifts in markets and global competition are reconfiguring transactions within these organizations and are impacting corporate governance systems.

6. Property Law Statutes

Property Law Statues

Pengarang   : Russell Hewitson               

Imprint          : London: Routledge, 2017

Muka surat   : 584  


Routledge Student Statutes present all the legislation students need in one easy-to-use volume. Developed in response to feedback from lecturers and students, this book offers a fully up-to-date, comprehensive, and clearly presented collection of legislation - ideal for LLB and GDL course and exam use. Routledge Student Statutes are: Exam Friendly: un-annotated and conforming to exam regulations Tailored to fit your course: 80% of lecturers we surveyed agree that Routledge Student Statutes match their course and cover the relevant legislation Trustworthy: Routledge Student Statutes are compiled by subject experts, updated annually and have been developed to meet student needs through extensive market research Easy to use: a clear text design, comprehensive table of contents, multiple indexes and highlighted amendments to the law make these books the most student-friendly Statutes on the market Competitively Priced: Routledge Student Statutes offer content and usability rated as good or better than our major competitor, but at a more competitive price Supported by a Companion Website: presenting scenario questions for interpreting Statutes, annotated web links, and multiple-choice questions. These resources are designed to help students to be confident and prepared.

7. Global Strategies in Retailing: Asian and European Experiences

Global Strategies in Retailling

Pengarang   : John Dawson         

Imprint           : London: Routledge, 2019

Muka surat   : 252


Large and medium sized retailers have increased their international operations substantially over the last 25 years. This is evident in: the number of countries to which these retailers expand; the growing international sales of retailers; and the heightening of the level of commitment of retailers to their international activity – a trend that is likely to continue over the next decade as general globalization in the service industries increases.

The managerial implications of the moves to become global are considerable. Different retailers are pursuing different approaches, to varying degrees of success and are no longer simply multi-national, but are also multi-continental. Consequently, existing concepts and theories of international business fit uneasily in explanations of international retailing, so new corporate strategies need to be explored.

Featuring in-depth studies of seven retailers, by international scholars from Japan, the UK and Sweden. Global Strategies in Retailing explores recent developments in strategy that are related to international retailing and in particular, the emergence of a Global Portfolio Strategy. As such, this book will be important reading for all international business and retailing students and academics researching in these areas.

8. Law and the New Urban Agenda

Law n new Urban

Pengarang   : Nestor M. Davidson          

Imprint           : London: Routledge, 2020

Muka surat   : 201 


The New Urban Agenda (NUA), adopted in 2016 at the United Nations Conference on Housing and Sustainable Urban Development (Habitat III) in Quito, Ecuador, represents a globally shared understanding of the vital link between urbanization and a sustainable future. At the heart of this new vision stand a myriad of legal challenges – and opportunities – that must be confronted for the world to make good on the NUA’s promise. In response, this book, which complements and expands on the editors’ previous volumes on urban law in this series, offers a constructive and critical evaluation of the legal dimensions of the NUA. As the volume’s authors make clear, from natural disasters and resulting urban migration in Honshu and Tacloban, to innovative collaborative governance in Barcelona and Turin, to accessibility of public space for informal workers in New Delhi and Accra and power scales among Brazil’s metropolitan regions, there is a deep urgency for thoughtful research to understand how law can be harnessed to advance the NUA’s global mission of sustainable urbanism.It thus creates a provocative and academic dialogue about the legal effects of the NUA, which will be of interest to academics and researchers with an interest in urban studies.

9. Anggun  


Pengarang   :  Aifa Batrisya              

Imprint           :  Petaling Jaya: Karya Publika, 2020

Muka surat   :  457  


Motto hidup seorang Akid Edraki sangatlah mudah dan positif sentiasa. Hidupnya hanya berkisarkan hobinya dan kerjanya. Kisah apa dia kalau ada manusia yang mahu kahwin di Pluto sekalipun sebab baginya selagi boleh single, buat apa kahwin ? Dia dah cukup bahagia bersama keluarga yang baginya sempurna dengan adanya walid, ummi, Kak Chah sekeluarga dan Chacha.

Tapi tidak bagi Ilajah Zahlia. Motto hidup Akid perlu dia ubah kerana terlalu ambil mudah tentang hidup sampaikan cara hidup Islam yang patut dia jalani dipandang enteng. Solat hanya bila lapang. Kitab Al-Quran itu bukan temannya, asbab itulah hadirnya Anggun, si nigabis yang bukan biasa-biasa orangnya.

"Pinjam motor abang ke tu? Patut tak reti nak agak tank besar mana" - Akid

"Taklah. Itu motor saya." - Anggun.

Ducati Panigale kot! Akid? Lesen motor pun dia tak ada. Bukan setakat itu, berenang dan memanah pun Anggun tahu. Hobinya? Main skateboard! Aduh! Perempuan seperti ini yang umminya mahu dia jadikan isteri? Akid rasa nak pitam berkali-kali.

10. Kecubung        


Pengarang   : Rosa Nur               

Imprint           : Bandar Tun Hussein Onn: Publishing Karyaseni, 2019

Muka surat   : 595  


Wajahnya cantik tetapi seperti pokok kecubung yang indah bunganya, dia memabukkan serta beracun. Di dalam dirinya mengalir dendam yang sarat dan perlu dibalas. Dia tidak akan puas selagi orang-orang yang telah memperkotak-katikkan maruah dan menghitamkan kehidupannya masih lepas bebas di luar sana.

“Kurang ajar! Kau orang ingat aku ni barang yang kau pecahkan kat pasar raya ke, yang dapat kau tebus dengan membayar ganti rugi?!” Siapakah sebenarnya perempuan yang sarat dengan dendam itu? Dan kenapakah dia menjadi seorang pendendam? Sementara itu, peristiwa 5 tahun lepas.. “Siapa nama kau, hah? Kau cantiklah!” – EDDY HAKIMI. “Memang cantiklah perempuan ni, Eddy. Anugerah dari Tuhan untuk kita berempat kut?” – FARHAN. “Kejar perempuan tu. Jangan bagi dia lepas!” – EDDY HAKIMI. Bencana menanti 4 jahanam yang tega menghancurkan hidup seorang gadis yang menghidap penyakit kemurungan. Dalam diam, dia dan sekutunya mula mengatur strategi. Siapakah sekutu gadis sarat dendam ini?

Orang-orang yang tidak bersalah telah dijadikan umpan untuk memerangkap 4 jahanam.              Adilkah           begitu?
Setelah 5 tahun berlalu dan masing-masing mempunyai kehidupannya sendiri...
“5 tahun lepas, apakah dosa dan kejahatan yang pernah Ray lakukan?” – DARLINA
“Apa jenis soalan yang Darling tanya ni? Ada ke orang dalam dunia ni yang nak mengaku dosa-dosa yang dia dah lakukan? Kita mengaku dengan Tuhan aje tau segala dosa yang kita buat, bukannya mengaku depan orang lain. Itu umpama membuka            Aib      sendiri!”   –    RAYKAL             REDZA.

Siapakah Darlina? Siapakah gadis yang berdendam itu? Dan siapakah Raykal Redza di dalam novel ini? Apakah dosa dan kejahatan yang telah dilakukan sehingga si gadis sanggup membunuh? Hayatilah jalan cerita yang penuh konflik dan saspens di dalam novel KECUBUNG karya ROSA NUR.


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