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Perkhidmatan Bernilai Komitmen Kami


1. Cases in nonprofit management

Case nonprofit

Pengarang  : Pat Libby           

Imprint  :  Los Angelas : Sage , 2017 

Mukasurat : 257 ms 


Case Studies in Nonprofit Management by Pat Libby and Laura Deitrick consists of original cases that are designed to teach students how to think critically, hone their decision-making skills, and learn to apply leadership and management principles that are essential for any nonprofit professional. These case studies illustrate the multifaceted nature of the nonprofit management sector and bring concepts like nonprofit leadership, risk management, advocacy, and grant making to life.


2. How to conduct surveys (6th edtion)

How To conduct surveys

Pengarang :  Arlene Fink               

Imprint  : Los Angelas  :  Sage , 2017

Mukasurat : 198 ms 


Packed with new topics that reflect today's challenges, this Sixth Edition guides readers through the process of developing their own rigorous surveys and evaluating the credibility and transparency of surveys created by others. Offering practical, step-by-step advice and written in the same clear and accessible style as author Arlene Fink's other works, the book focuses on choosing the appropriate type of survey, writing survey questions and responses, formatting the survey, deciding on the characteristics and numbers of respondents to include, choosing how often to survey respondents, and analyzing and reporting the results. New to this edition: Discussion of validity and reporting of qualitative survey data addresses the values of and "threats" to the validity of qualitative studies, along with guidance on transparently reporting purposes and methods. Discussion of margin of error and confidence levels prepares readers to be aware of imperfections in all surveys. Coverage on surveys involving children addresses how to design a survey that reaches children, getting reliable and valid information, the differences between doing a survey for young children and doing one for teens, the difference between assent and consent in children, and how to accommodate ethics boards when surveying children. Guidance on international surveys takes into account the increased use of smartphones and access to the Internet and helps readers respect cultural differences in designing and asking questions involving international audiences. Coverage of the standard survey report checklists now required by many journals, businesses, and educational institutions prepares readers to produce transparent survey reports. Many new practice exercises in every chapter promote hands-on learning to develop skills in analyzing, evaluating, and producing information.


3. Men are from mars, women are from venus (Edisi kemas kini)

Man Are From Mars

Pengarang : John Gray          

Imprint :  Batu Caves  :  Publishing House , 2018

Mukasurat : 373 ms 

Sinopsis :

Popular marriage counselor and seminar leader John Gray provides a unique, practical and proven way for men and women to communicate and relate better by acknowledging the differences between them.

Once upon a time Martians and Venusians met, fell in love, and had happy relationships together because they respected and accepted their differences. Then they came to earth and amnesia set in: they forgot they were from different planets.

Using this metaphor to illustrate the commonly occurring conflicts between men and women, Gray explains how these differences can come between the sexes and prohibit mutually fulfilling loving relationships. Based on years of successful counseling of couples, he gives advice on how to counteract these differences in communication styles, emotional needs and modes of behavior to promote a greater understanding between individual partners. Gray shows how men and women react differently in conversation and how their relationships are affected by male intimacy cycles ("get close", "back off"), and female self-esteem fluctuations ("I'm okay", "I'm not okay"). He encourages readers to accept the other gender's particular way of expressing love, and helps men and women learn how to fulfill each other's emotional needs.

With practical suggestions on how to reduce conflict, crucial information on how to interpret a partner's behavior and methods for preventing emotional "trash from the past" from invading new relationships, Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus is a valuable tool for couples who want to develop deeper and more satisfying relationships with their partners.


4. Project finance for construction   

Project Finance For Construction

Pengarang :  Anthony Higham          

Imprint :  Oxon :  Routledge , 2017 

Mukasurat : 399 ms  

Sinopsis :

The world of construction is intrinsically linked with that of finance, from the procurement and tendering stage of projects right through to valuation of buildings. In addition to this, things like administrations, liquidations, mergers, take-overs, buy-outs and floatations affect construction firms as they do all other companies. This book is a rare explanation of common construction management activities from a financial point of view. While the practical side of the industry is illustrated here with case studies, the authors also take the time to build up an understanding of balance sheets and P&L accounts before explaining how common tasks like estimating or valuation work from this perspective. Readers of this book will not only learn how to carry out the tasks of a construction cost manager, quantity surveyor or estimator, they will also understand the financial logic behind them, and the motivations that drive senior management. This is an essential book for students of quantity surveying or construction management, and all ambitious practitioners.


5. Reach the highest standard in profesional learning : resources 


Pengarang : Karen Hawlay Miles          

Imprint       : California  :  Corwin , 2016 

Mukasurat :  111 ms  

Sinopsis :

Learning forward ia a leader in understanding and advancing profesional learning that leads to student success. This series explores learning forward’s seven Standards for profesional learning, which outline the characteristics of effective profesional learning that, collectively, advance teaching and learning.

In this  volume , you will learn creative strategies for prioritizing, monitoring, and coordinating the resources required for educator learning and student success.


6. Shopping centers and other retail properties     

Shopping Centers

Pengarang  :  John R. White                

Imprint         :  New York  :  John Wiley & Sons , 1996

Muka surat  :  512 ms 

Sinopsis :

Shopping centers and other forms of retail properties continue to be among the soundest real estate investments in North America. But retail property is a highly specialized field of real estate development with a unique and complex set of legal, financial, development, management, and marketing variables about which investors and developers must possess a sound working knowledge. Now this book arms with you with that knowledge, and much more.

The most comprehensive, authoritative, up-to-date resource of its kind, Shopping Centers and Other Retail Properties covers every vital aspect of negotiating, buying, selling, developing, managing, and marketing shopping centers and other retail properties. Editors John R. White and Kevin D. Gray, of the leading real estate consulting firm Landauer Associates, and an all-star team of experts in the field of shopping center and retail property development, share everything they know about:

  • All important legal issues
  • Investment and feasibility analysis
  • Valuation requirements and performance measures
  • Planning, designing, and renovating retail properties
  • Developing and investing in local and community shopping centers, highway retail centers, and regionals and super regionals
  • Operating and managing retail centers
  • Mortgage financing and financing through public and private equity issues
  • Space marketing and lease terms
  • Macro and micro market analysis


7. Simple matters : living with less and ending up with more

Simple Matters

Pengarang  : Erin Boyle        

Imprint        :  New York : Abrams Image , 2016

Muka surat :  191 ms.

Sinopsis :

For anyone looking to declutter, organize, and simplify, author Erin Boyle shares practical guidance and personal insights on small-space living and conscious consumption. At once pragmatic and philosophical, Simple Matters is a nod to the growing consensus that living simply and purposefully is more sustainable not only for the environment, but for our own happiness and well-being, too. Boyle embraces the notion that “living small” is beneficial and accessible to us all—whether we’re renting a tiny apartment or purchasing a three-story house.
Filled with personal essays, projects, and helpful advice on how to be inventive and resourceful in a tight space, Simple Matters shows that living simply is about making do with less and ending up with more: more free time, more time with loved ones, more savings, and more things of beauty

8. Speed reading : how to read paster & better

Speed Reading 

Pengarang : Vincent J. Garner      

Imprint        : New York : Mc Graw Hill , 2018 

Muka surat : 100 ms

Sinopsis :

If you are a slow reader, you are probably compromising with your learning as well focusing abilities. Reading is directly connected to your state of your mind and your senses. Slowness will not only deter you comprehension and concentration but also affect your productivity and efficiency.

You will learn step by step process to develop your skill and also keep how to keep track of your progress. Reading is useless without the ability to recall what you read. This book stresses on speed reading as a rewarding experience with the ability to comprehend and remember the information instantly and significantly.
Speed Reading: How to read better and faster includes:

• The basics of speed reading
• Speed reading techniques – Simple and Advanced
• How to calculate your reading speed and track your progress
• Mastering Speed Reading
• How to develop a new habit, skills and the art of memorizing
• And much more

When you finish Speed Reading – How to Read Better and Faster, I am sure; you will dramatically increase your ability to read faster. You will find yourself using your brain and senses even more efficiently. This is why learning to speed read is a great skill to have to help further your knowledge and even your career.


9. Strategic human resources management (2nd edition)

Strategic Human


Pengarang  :  Gary Rees              

Imprint        :  Los Angelas :  Sage , 2017

Muka surat :  594 ms   

Sinopsis :

A research-focused introductory text written by a stellar contributor line-up including Linda Holbeche, Stephen Taylor, and Jim Stewart.

The Second Edition integrates an international perspective using examples and case studies from a broad range of regions and industries including Microsoft, Volkswagen, and Rolls-Royce. The two new chapters on Culture and Globalization reflect the contemporary workplace, and the future of HR based on Linda Holbeche’s latest research is included in the final chapter.

Suitable for upper undergraduate and Masters level strategic HRM modules or HRM modules that have a strategic angle.


10.  Styled: Secrets for Arranging Rooms, from Tabletops to Bookshelves (Kindle Edition)

Secrets For Arranging Rooms


Pengarang  :  Emily Henderson                 

Imprint        :  New York :  Potter style ,  2015

Muka surat :  104 ms

Sinopsis :

It’s easy to find your own style confidence once you know this secret: While decorating can take months and tons of money, styling often takes just minutes. Even a few little tweaks can transform the way your room feels. 

At the heart of Styled are Emily Henderson’s ten easy steps to styling any space. From editing out what you don’t love to repurposing what you can’t live without to arranging the most eye-catching vignettes on any surface, you’ll learn how to make your own style magic.

With Emily’s style diagnostic, insider tips, and more than 1,000 unique ideas from 75 envy-inducing rooms, you’ll soon be styling like you were born to do it.


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