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1Financial Valuation: Applications and Models 4th Edition

Financial Valuation

Pengarang   : James R. Hitchner               

Imprint          : New Jersey: John Wiley & Sons, 2017

Mukasurat    : 1251  

Sinopsis :

A practically focused resource for business valuation professionals Financial Valuation: Applications and Models provides authoritative reference and practical guidance on the appropriate, defensible way to prepare and present business valuations. With contributions by 30 top experts in the field, this new fourth edition provides an essential resource for those seeking the most up-to-date guidance, with a strong emphasis on applications and models. Coverage includes state-of-the-art methods for the valuation of closely held businesses, non-public entities, intangible, and other assets, with comprehensive discussion on valuation theory, a consensus view on application, and the tools to make it happen. Packed with examples, checklists, and models to help you navigate your valuation project, this book also provides hundreds of expert "tips" and best practices in clear, easy-to-follow language. The companion website provides access to extensive appendix materials, and the perspectives of valuation thought leaders add critical insight throughout each step of the process.

Valuation is an important part of any organization's overall financial strategy, and seemingly small inaccuracies or incomplete assessments can have big repercussions. This book walks you through the valuation process to give you the skills and understanding you need to get it done right.

  • Learn best practices from 30 field-leading experts
  • Follow clear examples for complex or unfamiliar scenarios
  • Access practical tools that streamline the valuation process
  • Understand valuation models and real-world applications.

The business valuation process can become very complex very quickly, and there's no substitute for clear guidance and a delineated framework in the run-up to completion. Get organized from the beginning and be systematic and methodical every step of the way. Financial Valuation: Applications and Models is the all-encompassing, expert guide to business valuation projects.

2. Financial Valuation: Workbook 4th Edition

Financial Valuation 2

Pengarang   : James R. Hitchner              

Imprint          : New Jersey: John Wiley & Sons, 2017 

Mukasurat    : 454  


Practical valuation exercises with real-world application and expert insight Financial Valuation Workbook cuts the learning curve in half, with practical training for use with any valuation textbook. Packed with tools, resources, and over 300 exercises, this book helps novices get a handle on the complex valuation process, while helping more experienced practitioners organize their engagements. Checklists, flowcharts, reports, information requests, and other resources help streamline the workflow and ensure thorough review, while in-depth coverage places the complexities of the field front-and-centre.

This new fourth edition features a brand new expanded case study for real-world insight, accompanied by exercises with explanations that deepen the learning process. Expert tips are highlighted throughout to provide additional insight in specific situations, and exercises from basic to advanced map to established training processes. Valuation is as an art, as well as a science, and simply reading a textbook only goes halfway toward true learning applying what you learn is critical.

This book provides hands-on practice alongside useful tools and valuable insight to help solidify your understanding of the many facets of this complex field.

  • Delve into the intricacies of valuation with a new expanded case study and expert tips
  • Follow checklists and flowcharts for each phase of the valuation process
  • Use reports, information requests, and other tools that help organize your workflow
  • Test your understanding with over 300 exercises organized by major area

Organized into standard, recognized, and easily identified sections that lend themselves to quick refreshers as well as start-to-finish study, this book is a truly useful resource for beginner and veteran alike. Whether you're learning valuation for the first time or simply need guidance on an unfamiliar situation, Financial Valuation Workbook provides a key resource for any business valuation professional.

3. The Encyclopedia of Commercial Real Estate Advice


Pengarang   : Terry Painter              

Imprint          : New Jersey: John Wiley and Sons, 2021 

Mukasurat    : 504   

Sinopsis :

The first Encyclopedia of Commercial Real Estate.

The Encyclopedia of Commercial Real Estate Advice covers everything anyone would ever need to know from A to Z on the subject. The 500+ entries inside not only have hard-hitting advice, but many share enlightening stories from the author's experience working on hundreds of deals. This book pulls off making the subjects enjoyable, interesting, and easy to understand. As a bonus, there are 136 time and money savings tips, many of which could save or make you 6 figures or more.

Some of the questions in this informative guidebook will answer for you are:

  • How to buy foreclosed commercial properties at a discount at auctions?
  • Guidelines for getting started in commercial real estate and choosing low-risk properties
  • How to value a property in 15 minutes?
  • How to fake it until you make it?
  • When raising investors should you hold, sell, 1031 exchange, or cash-out refinance?
  • How to reposition a property to achieve its highest value when buying or selling?
  • 10 tested methods to recession-proof your property
  • How you can soar to the top by becoming a developer?
  • Trade secrets for getting the best rate and terms on your loan - revealed!
  • 11 ways property managers will try and steal from you - how to catch and stop them!

4. Sustainable Building Through the Project Planning Process: The Case of Malaysia 


Pengarang   : Nur Kalsom Mohd Isa               

Imprint          : Kuala Lumpur: University of Malaya Press, 2017 

Mukasurat    : 207  

Sinopsis :

This book covers the concept of sustainable development, sustainable building development and the planning process of a sustainable building project. It offers expert insight into tackling sustainable building projects, specifically during the planning process of the project from the conceptual to design stage, to bring together project team members in developing sustainable buildings within the time and budget. This book includes case studies of a number of sustainable building projects in Malaysia. It also features interviews with the sustainable projects’ key stakeholders as a way to reveal the sustainable project planning process, including the impact of the process towards project success. It also discusses the issues, barriers and suggested relevant strategies to integrate sustainability principles into the project planning process. This book is the most complete overview of sustainable building projects development in Malaysia that every member of the building project stakeholders will find invaluable.

5. Building for everyone: Expand your market with design practices from GOOGLE’s product inclusion team


Pengarang   :  Annie Jean-Baptiste           

Imprint           : New Jersey: John Wiley & Sons, 2020 

Mukasurat    : 250

Sinopsis :

Diversity and inclusion to build better products from the front lines at Google!

Establishing diverse and inclusive organizations is an economic imperative for every industry. Any business that isn't reaching a diverse market is missing out on enormous revenue potential and the opportunity to build products that suit their users' core needs. The economic "why" has been firmly established, but what about the "how?" How can business leaders adapt to our ever-more-diverse world by capturing market share AND building more inclusive products for people of colour, women and other underrepresented groups? The Product Inclusion Team at Google has developed strategies to do just that and Building For Everyone is the practical guide to following in their footsteps.

This book makes publicly available for the first time the same inclusive design process used at Google to create user-centric award-winning and profitable products. Author and Head of Product Inclusion Annie Jean-Baptiste outlines what those practices look like in industries beyond tech with fascinating case studies. Readers will learn the key strategies and step-by-step processes for inclusive product design that limits risk and increases profitability.

Building For Everyone will show you how to infuse your business processes with inclusive design. You'll learn best practices for inclusion in product design, marketing, management, leadership and beyond, straight from the innovative Google Product Inclusion team.

6. Bad Boss: What To Do If You Work For One, Manage for one or are one   

Bad Boss

Pengarang   : Michelle Gibbings             

Imprint          : Milton Old: John Wiley & Sons, 2020

Muka surat   : 197 

Sinopsis :

In a tough or toxic work environment, are you brave enough to challenge your own thinking and shift your own perspective to make relationships work? 

Bad Boss is for anyone who is in ― or who is keen to avoid ― a negative workplace environment characterised by ineffective leadership. Believe it or not, bad bosses are not bad people, and there are concrete steps you can take to improve your situation.

Inside, author Michelle Gibbings shares wisdom drawn from decades in corporate leadership. It takes teamwork at every level to create an environment where everyone can flourish. If you dare to examine your own role in your current situation and take action today, you stand to gain better relationships and greater career satisfaction.

Challenge the standard leadership practices and transform a tough situation to the benefit of all. Learn how to:

  • Determine where the problem really lies
  • Identify your role in the bad boss situation
  • Strategise your best option forward
  • Take action using concrete tools
  • Reflect and monitor progress for long-term gain.

Bad Boss will take the edge off your stressful work environment and provide you with key actionable steps to turn things around.

7. Asas Pengurusan Hartanah Islam 

Asas Pengurusan Hartanah Islam

Pengarang   : Noraini Ismail            

Imprint           : Shah Alam: Penerbit UiTM, 2021

Muka surat   : 173  

Sinopsis :

Asas Pengurusan Hartanah Islam ini mengetengahkan ilmu-ilmu asas dalam aspek pengurusan hartanah Islam bermula daripada sejarah perkembangan pengurusan hartanah Islam, pemilikan dan pelupusan tanah, akad dan kontrak urus niaga hartanah sehinggalah kepada isu-isu kontemporari pengurusan hartanah Islam. Perbahasannya yang ringkas dan padat sangat sesuai untuk dijadikan bahan rujukan dan bacaan oleh semua golongan masyarakat. Buku ini juga adalah hasil usaha dan gabungan idea daripada pensyarah Akademi Pengajian Islam Kontemporari (ACIS) UiTM Perlis dan UiTM Perak serta pensyarah daripada Pusat Pengajian Perniagaan Islam, UUM.

8. Kukuh Nilai Kukuh Negara  

Kukuh Nilai

Pengarang   : Roziah Omar          

Imprint           : Kuala Lumpur: Penerbit University Malaya, 2020

Muka surat   : 313

Sinopsis :

Buku ini adalah tentang senario yang sedang dihadapi oleh masyarakat secara umumnya. Dasar inklusif di bawah pengukuhan nilai akan membantu pelaksana dan pembuat dasar serta kesemua kumpulan sasar memahami keperluan pengukuhan nilai menjadi sebahagian dari kehidupan.

Kukuh Nilai, Kukuh Negara relevan dalam merentasi Rancangan Malaysia Kesebelas (2016-2020) ke Rancangan Malaysia Kedua Belas (2021-2025). Begitu juga dengan Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) 2030 dan Wawasan Kemakmuran Bersama (WKB) 2030. Kesemuanya penting kerana prinsipnya progresif dan berkongsi matlamat untuk memakmuran negara yang berpusatkan kehidupan berukun.

Proses dan sistem yang bercirikan nilai kemasyarakatan penting untuk memastikan dalam mengejar pertumbuhan ekonomi, impak sosial tidak terpinggir kerana kepekaan ke atas nilai moral yang tinggi akan membolehkan kepatuhan ke atas ekosistem negara tidak tergugat kerana nilai-nilai ini sudah dipelihara.

Objektif buku ini adalah untuk membolehkan ia dimanfaatkan dalam bidang Pengajian Sains Sosial, Sains Kemasyarakatan, Ilmu Kemanusiaan, Pengajian Asia Timur, Sosiologi dan Antropologi. Ia dapat dilakukan menerusi kandungan penulisan serta perbincangan setiap bab yang memperihalkan pelbagai isu berkaitan dengan ‘nilai’ merentasi naratif umum.

Hatta, buku ini mampu mendekati pelbagai kumpulan sasar pembaca baik penyelidik, pemimpin, pelajar, orang awam, badan bukan kerajaan, pembuat dasar dan agensinya. Buku ini unik kerana antara yang pertama bakal diterbitkan bertemakan ‘nilai dan tanah air’.

9. Tuhan Beri Aku Masa

Tuhan Beri Aku Masa

Pengarang   :  Mohd Akhirudin  

Imprint           :   Shah Alam:  Group Buku Karangkraf, 2019

Muka surat   :   202   

Sinopsis :

Karya yang membimbing kita untuk kembali hijrah ‘mencari’ diri yang hilang. Ada kisah tentang manisnya dunia yang menipu. Ada cerita tentang akhirat yang hampir dilupakan. Malah, ada peristiwa tentang usia yang disia-siakan di sepanjang waktu yang diberi. Sungguh, karya ini amat mempengaruhi sebuah jiwa yang ingin kembali.

10. Ya Allah Kepada – Mu Aku Kembali

Ya Allah kpd Mu aku kembali

Pengarang   : Ustazah Asma Harun       

Imprint           : Batu Caves: Publishing House, 2020

Muka surat   : 200 

Sinopsis :

Tidak ada nikmat yang lebih agung apabila aku dapat kembali kepada-Mu dalam keadaan aku berjaya memperoleh cinta-Mu selaku hamba-Mu yang soleh.

Ya Allah, akhirilah hidup kami dengan pengakhiran yang baik dan janganlah Engkau akhiri hidup kami dengan pengakhiran yang buruk.

“Ya Allah, jika bukan kepada-Mu aku kembali, kepada siapa lagi? Bukankah aku berasal daripada-Mu dan kepada-Mu jua aku kembali?”

“Sama ada dalam kebaikan ataupun keburukan, sama ada bersedia ataupun tidak, aku tetap akan kembali kepada-Mu apabila tiba masanya.”

“Ya Allah izinkan aku menggunakan masa yang masih ada bagi mempersiapkan diri supaya aku tidak menyesal nanti saat aku benar-benar kembali kepada-Mu.”

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