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1Strategic Human Resource Management  : Formulating and Implementing HR Strategies for a Competitive Advantage

Strategic Human Resource

Pengarang   : Ananda Das Gupta              

Imprint          : New York : Routledge, 2020 

Mukasurat    : 172


The concept of strategic human resource management has developed widely in the last couple of years, especially because of the impact of human resources on the competitiveness of organizations. The development of human resource strategies involves considering their multiple mutual dependencies and the fact that they must be vertically integrated with the business strategy. These strategies define the intentions and plans related to the overall organizational considerations, such as organizational competitiveness, effectiveness or image, and to more specific aspects of human resources management, such as resourcing, motivating, valuating, learning and development, reward and employee relations.

Strategic management of human resources provides a large perspective on the way critical issues or success factors related to people can be addressed and how different concepts of strategic decisions are made, with long-term impacts on the behaviour and success of the organization. The fundamental objective of human resource strategic management is to generate strategic capabilities by ensuring that the organization has the high-qualified, committed and well-motivated employees it needs to achieve and sustain the competitive advantage.

2. Real Estate Crowdfunding : An Insider’s Guide to Investing Online

Real Estate Crowdfunding

Pengarang   : Adam Gower              

Imprint          : London : Routledge, 2012 

Mukasurat    : 172


Real Estate Crowdfunding: An Insider’s Guide to Investing Online introduces the reader to basic real estate investment concepts and then takes a deep dive into how to invest passively yet wisely in real estate syndications.

This book will teach the reader how to:

  • • Invest in crowdfunded real estate syndicates
  • • Understand key financial concepts used in the industry
  • • Diversify their investment portfolios
  • • Read between the lines of investment contracts
  • • Maximize profit while minimizing losses

This book is a guide to the foundational financial concepts upon which all real estate projects are based and explains the language of real estate from an insider’s perspective. It provides a road map of what to watch for and how to win at the game of passive real estate investing.

3.Understanding Auctions

 Understanding Auctions

Pengarang   : Srobonti Chattopadhyay and Rittwik Chatterjee     

Imprint          : London :  Routledge, 2020 

Mukasurat    : 94    

Sinopsis :

The book elaborates the basic principles of Auction Theory in a non-technical language to make them easily accessible to even those not trained in the discipline. Auctions as allocation mechanisms have been in use across the world since antiquity and are still employed in different countries for purchase and sales of a wide range of objects, both by governments and by private agents. Auction has gained popularity over other allocation mechanisms since the rules of auctions are very precise, involve much less subjective judgements compared to other alternative allocation mechanisms and lead to a more efficient process of discovering the true willingness of the buyers to pay. Moreover, the principles of Auction Theory are used in other contexts, for example in designing contests, or in controlling emission levels through allocation of permits and licenses.

4. The Routledge REITs Research Handbook

The Routledge REITs

Pengarang   : David Parker            

Imprint          : London : Routledge, 2018 

Mukasurat    : 306

Sinopsis :

The Routledge REITs Research Handbook presents a cutting-edge examination of the research into this key global investment vehicle. Edited by internationally respected academic and REIT expert Professor David Parker, the book will set the research agenda for years to come. The handbook is divided into two parts, the first of which provides the global context and a thematic review covering: asset allocation, performance, trading, sustainability, Islamic REITs, emerging sectors and behavioural finance. Part II presents a regional review of the issues with high level case studies from a diverse range of countries including the US, UK, Brazil, India, Australia, China, Singapore, Israel and Russia, to name just a few.

This handbook redefines existing areas within the context of international REITs research, highlights emerging areas and future trends and provides postgraduates, professionals and researchers with ideas and encouragement for future research. It is essential reading for all those interested in real estate, international investment, global finance and asset management.

5. Routledge Companion to Real Estate Investment 

Routledge Companion

Pengarang   : Bryan D. MacGregor, Rainer Schulz and Richard K. Green          

Imprint           : London : Routledge , 2019 

Mukasurat    : 345  

Sinopsis :

The Routledge Companion to Real Estate Investment provides an authoritative overview of the real estate asset class. The Companion focuses on the current academic research and its relevance for practical applications.

The book is divided into four parts, each containing specially written chapters by international experts in the relevant field. The contributors cover the institutional context for real estate investment, the main players in real estate investment, real estate appraisal and performance measurement, and real estate portfolios and risk management.

This Companion provides a comprehensive reference for students, academics and professionals studying, researching and working in real estate investment, finance and economics.

6. International Leasing : Strategy and Decision 

International Leasing

Pengarang   : Simon S. Gao              

Imprint          : London : Routledge, 2018

Muka surat   : 246

Sinopsis :

This chapter focuses on international leasing strategies and decisions from the lessor's point of view. Traditional analysis of leasing has focused almost exclusively on the problem of the lessee, the user of equipment. A lessor may have different decision-making procedures and methods with respect to an international leasing project compared with a lessee. The most obvious difficulties are those associated with differing cultural and financial traditions, and accounting practices, complicated by legal barriers, transaction costs and taxation. Like domestic leasing decisions, international leasing decisions from the lessor's point of view also focus primarily upon the expected incremental cash flows. The leasing industry is currently undergoing internationalisation: the expansion of leasing firms into countries outside their headquarters. For independent lessors, the major strategies are to set up subsidiaries, joint-ventures, and licenses in foreign countries, or conduct direct cross-border leasing. Leveraged leasing is one of the most complex and sophisticated vehicles for financing capital equipment in today's financial marketplace.

 7. Small Actions, Big Difference :  Leveraging Corporate Sustainability to Drive Business and Societal Value

Small Actions Big Difference

Pengarang   : CB Bhattacharya        

Imprint           : London : Routledge, 2019

Muka surat   : 197

Sinopsis :

Despite dire warnings about global warming, carbon emissions by the world’s largest companies are increasing and only a few companies have strategies for managing carbon emissions and water resources.

So what separates the best from the rest? In one word, the answer is ownership: companies that are winning at sustainability have created the conditions for their stakeholders to own sustainability and reap the benefits that come with deeper experience with and ownership of social and environmental issues: a happier, more productive workforce, increased customer loyalty, higher stock valuations, and greater long-term profits.

Based on interviews with 25 global multinational corporations as well as employees, middle managers, and senior leaders across multiple sectors, this is the first book to connect sustainability to the theory and principles of psychological ownership and to propose a succinct, easy-to-digest model for managerial use.

8. Facilities Management Models, Methods and Tools : Research Results for Practice   

Facilities Mgt Models

Pengarang   : Pen Anker Jensen         

Imprint           : Londodn : Routledge, 2019

Muka surat   : 334  

Sinopsis :

This book presents research tested models, methods and tools that can make the work of the facilities manager more robust and sustainable, help long-term strategic planning and support students and practitioners in FM to improve the way they approach and deal with challenges in practice. The 34 models, methods and tools are presented in relation to five typical challenges for facilities managers: Strategy development Organisational design Space planning Building projects Optimisation The chapters are short and concise, presenting a central illustration of one model, method or tool with explanatory text and short, exemplary case studies. Each chapter includes references to further reading, and the book includes a keyword index. Essential reading for all involved in the management of built assets, this book bridges the gap between robust academic research and practical industry tools. It can also be used as a handy student reference.

 9. Untuk Kegunaan Luar 2.0 : Losyen

Untuk Kegunaan Luar

Pengarang   :  Karim Mohd             

Imprint           :  Kuala Terengganu : KataPilar Books, 2019

Muka surat   :  150   

Sinopsis :

Bukan semua ubat dalam bentuk pil.   Kadangkala yang kita perlukan hanya “sit back and relax” dan menikmati hal-hal kecil di sekeliling kita.  Juga dua-tiga dos cerita lucu supaya demam-migrain-murung kita kebah sambal tersengih sendirian.

Buku ini menghidangkan cerita-cerita lucu para pesakit dan konco-konconya. Kisah berkisar di Wad-Wad Hospital yang boleh melapangkan minda pembaca.

10. Ya Allah Jangan Biarkan Aku Sendiri

Ya Allah

Pengarang   : Ustazah Asma Harun               

Imprint           : Batu Caves : Publishing House,  2020

Muka surat   : 188

Sinopsis :

Inilah adalah buku terbaru Ustazah Asma Harun bersama seorang penulis terkenal di Indonesia iaitu Dwi suwiknyo. Beliau seorang puitis dan mendalam tulisannya. Buku ini mengandungi monolog-monolog hati, kisah-kisah yang menjadi iktibar, bingkisan firman Allah s.w.t. & hadis Rasulullah s.a.w. Buku Ya Allah Jangan Biarkan Aku Sendiri dipakejkan secara bersiri dan ia adalah buku yang kedua daripada 4 buah buku dalam siri ini.  Perpustakaan INSPEN mempunyai ke empat-empat buku ini.



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