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Perkhidmatan Bernilai Komitmen Kami


1. Selling Your House For Dummies  

Selling Your House

Pengarang    :  Eric Tyson          

Imprint           :  Hoboken:  John Wiley & Sons, 2018 

Mukasurat     :  364 


Sell your house in any market.

Whether you're selling your home yourself or using a realtor, this helpful guide offers all the information you need to make an otherwise-stressful undertaking go smoothly. In Selling Your House for Dummies, you'll find plain-English, easy-to-follow information on the latest mortgage application and approval processes, the hottest websites used in the house-selling process, and revised tax laws that affect the housing and real estate markets.

From the author team behind America's #1 bestselling real estate book, Home Buying Kit For Dummies, this book offers Eric Tyson and Ray Brown's time-tested advice, recommendations, and strategies for selling your house given current market conditions. From staging your home to utilizing technology to sell your house directly to home buyers, this trusted resource is packed with tips and ideas to make your home the most appealing house on the block.

  • Prepare your property for the best offer
  • Stage and market your house successfully
  • Negotiate and successfully close the sale
  • Make sense of contracts and forms used in the house-selling process
  • Get the tried-and-true advice that will help you sell your property!

2. Green Maintenance of Heritage Buildings: A Sustainable Repair Approach

Green Maintenanc

Pengarang : Brit Anak Kayan          

Imprint        : Kuala Lumpur :  University of Malaya Press , 2020

Mukasurat  : 200


Green Maintenance of Heritage Buildings: A Sustainable Repair Approach examines current maintenance perspectives and repair practices of heritage buildings and evaluates the efficacy of repair techniques using the Green Maintenance model, which promotes sustainable and environmentally efficient solutions. Using case studies of heritage buildings in both tropical and cold climates, the author’s testing of the Green Maintenance model demonstrates that the selection of repair options can be based not only on cost and philosophy of heritage building conservation, but also how ‘green’ repair techniques are.

The book covers key aspects of the maintenance of heritage buildings, from dilapidation and environmental impact to the integration of a Conservation Plan and sustainable repairs, suitably illustrated with photographs. It also offers sound advice to all those involved in sustainable repair and serves as a useful resource in heritage building conservation.

3. Pengenalan Konkrit dan Amalan Kerja Konkrit

 Pengenalan Konkrit

Pengarang    :  Sallehan Ismail         

Imprint            :  Kuala Lumpur:  Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka, 2019

Mukasurat     :  186  

Sinopsis :

Konkrit merupakan bahan utama yang digunakan dalam sesuatu binaan, terdapat tiga jenis konkrit yang digunakan untuk binaan, iaitu konkrit baharu, konkrit keras dan konkrit khas.  Penghasilan konkrit haruslah menepati dan memenuhi prosedur yang ditetapkan bagi mendapatkan simen yang berkualiti.  Kandungan buku ini disusun bagi memberikan maklumat yang ringkas dan mudah difahami kepada pembaca tentang hubungan antara ciri-ciri bahan dengan sifat dan kelakuan konkrit serta amalan kerja konkrit, malah pembaca turut diberikan pendedahan sejarah penghasilan konkrit yang bermula sejak 6500 sebelum masihi.

4. APA Style & Citations for Dummies  

APA style

Pengarang :  Joe Giampalmi          

Imprint        :  Hoboken : John Wiley and Sons, 2021 

Mukasurat  :  363    

Sinopsis :

Write right in for scholarly success!

While world-renowned for the precision and clarity it lends to scholarly writing, keeping track of APA style's exacting standards can be demanding (at times even excruciating!) for initiates and seasoned writers alike. Created and governed by the American Psychological Association, it provides a universal style for formatting, citations, and footnotes in psychological research, behavioural and social science journals, and beyond. Getting up to speed is tough stuff, but once you've got it, your work will have that easy-to-follow scholarly authority that will get high marks from your professors and peers alike.

Your friendly, frustration-free guide for this adventure in simplifying APA style is Joe Giampalmi, who has taught more than 100 APA-style composition courses to college students. He takes the pain of following APA style away by breaking it down to its essential elements and focusing on the important stuff students encounter most. You'll work through specific, real-life examples of using APA style for psychology, criminology, business, and nursing papers. In addition to demystifying the intricacies of formatting and citation, APA Style & Citations for Dummies has got you covered in all matters of grammar and punctuation as well as guidance on how APA style can help you negotiate issues around the ethics of authorship and the importance of word choice in reducing bias.

  • Develop conciseness and clarity
  • Pay attention to flow, structure, and logic in your writing
  • Know when, why, how, and what to cite
  • Keep your writing ethically conscious and bias-free

5. Teaching in the Online Classroom: Surviving and Thriving in the New Normal    

Teaching Online

Pengarang    :  Doug lemov          

Imprint            :  Hoboken :  Jossey – Bass, 2020 

Mukasurat     :  184    

Sinopsis :

A timely guide to online teaching strategies from bestselling author Doug Lemov and the Teach Like a Champion team School closures in response to the covid-19 coronavirus pandemic resulted in an immediate and universal pivot to online teaching. More than 3.7 million teachers in the U.S. were suddenly asked to teach in an entirely new setting with little preparation and no advance notice. This has caused an unprecedented threat to children's education, giving rise to an urgent need for resources and guidance. The New Normal is a just-in-time response to educators' call for help. Teaching expert Doug Lemov and his colleagues spent weeks studying videos of online teaching and they now provide educators in the midst of this transition with a clear guide to engaging and educating their students online. Although the transition to online education is happening more abruptly than anyone anticipated, technology-supported teaching may be here to stay.

This guide explores the challenges involved in online teaching and guides educators and administrators to identify and understand best practices. It is a valuable tool to help you and your students succeed in synchronous and asynchronous settings this school year and beyond. Learn strategies for engaging students more fully online Find new techniques to assess student progress from afar Discover tools for building online classroom culture, combating online distractions, and more Watch videos of teachers building rigor and relationships during online instruction The New Normal features real-world examples you can apply and adapt right away in your own online classroom to allow you to survive and thrive online.

6. The 5 Mistakes Every Investor Makes and How to Avoid Them       

5 Mistakes

Pengarang    :  Peter Mallouk            

Imprint            :  Hoboken:  John Wileys and Sons,  2021

Muka surat    :  174  

Sinopsis :

This book by New York Times best-selling author Peter Mallouk, will help you avoid the mistakes that stand in the way of investment success! A reliable resource for investors who want to make more informed choices, this book steers readers away from past investment errors and guides them in the right direction. The Five Mistakes Every Investor Makes and How to Avoid Them, Second Edition, focuses on what investors do wrong, so you can avoid these common errors and set yourself on the right path to success. In this comprehensive reference, you'll learn to navigate the ever-changing variables and market dilemmas that can make investing a risky and daunting endeavor.

In this Second Edition, Peter Mallouk shares new investment techniques, an expanded discussion of the importance of disciplined investment management, and updated advice on avoiding common pitfalls. In this updated Second Edition, you'll find a workable, sensible investment framework that shows you how to refrain from fighting the market, misunderstanding performance, and letting your biases and emotions get in the way of investing success. Offers updated discussion and investment techniques to improve your performance in today's market conditions Details the major mistakes made by professional and everyday investors, including fighting the market, overactive trading, and not having an endgame Highlights the strategies and mindset necessary for navigating ever-changing variables and market dilemmas Includes useful investment techniques and discusses the importance of discipline in investment management.

7. Land Development on Highland Areas Malaysia and Hong Kong           

Land Development

Pengarang    :  Anuar Alias    

Imprint            :  Kuala Lumpur:  University Malaya Press, 2018

Muka surat    :  163

Sinopsis :

This book focuses on land development in highland areas. It discusses land use planning, laws and regulations pertaining to land development on highlands. The increasing cases of development failures on highland areas have led to the need for the authorities and professionals to explore and find solutions to mitigate the problems. The main aim of this book is to compare the issues and process of land development on highland areas between Malaysia and Hong Kong.

Hong Kong is chosen for benchmarking, based on its success in managing highland developments. The discussion aims to gauge the effectiveness of land development legislation and development approaches for highland development. From the comparison made, it appears that in Malaysia, the land development mechanism on highlands is still in the infancy stage whereby current property laws and regulations still fail to achieve highland development standards compared with Hong Kong.

Thus, a practical framework is suggested to ensure the land development on highlands in Malaysia will be at a similar standard as the Hong Kong mechanism in managing highland development.

8. How to be well Being : Unofficial Rules to Lives Every Day     

How to be well being

Pengarang    :  Andy Cope      

Imprint           :  West Sussex: Johb Wiley & Sons, 2020

Muka surat    :  194

Sinopsis :

Make the most of every single day uncertainty, instability, pressure, anxiety and now pandemic pandemonium. The world is hell bent on robbing us of our wellbeing. It's time to fight back.

Twenty-two rules for life that just work it's time to ditch the tired, old wisdom, and take life into your own hands. We've all fallen for the mantra that 'you only live once' but it's a big fat lie. The truth is that you get to live – really LIVE – every single day of your life. Based on the wisdom of positive psychology, How to be a WELL BEING teaches you to:

  • Strive toward your true potential
  • Stop wasting time and start achieving
  • Focus on what's truly important
  • Rethink your thinking
  • Find meaning and fulfilment
  • Upgrade to YOU 2.0

It's time to raise your personal bar from mental health to mental WEALTH. 'Memento mori' – remember death. No more messing around. No more wasting time. A new world calls for new rules. It's time to re-focus on what's most important and to take massive strides towards your true potential.

9. Retirement Planning for Dummies   


Pengarang :  Matt Krantz Mahmud           

Imprint        :   Hoboken :  John Wileys & Sons , 2020

Muka surat :  338    

Sinopsis :

Advice and guidance on planning for retirement.

Retirement Planning for Dummies is a one-stop resource to get up to speed on the critical steps needed to ensure you spend your golden years living in the lap of luxury or at least in the comfort of your own home. 

When attempting to plan for retirement, web searching alone can cause you more headaches than answers, leaving many to feel overwhelmed and defeated. This book takes the guesswork out of the subject and guides readers while they plan the largest financial obligation of their life.

  • Take stock of your finances  
  • Proactively plan for your financial future
  • Seek the help of professionals or go it alone
  • Use online tools to make retirement planning easier

Whether you're just starting out with a 401(k) or you’re a seasoned vet with retirement in your near future, this book helps younger and older generations alike how to plan their retirement.

10. Nasihat Untuk Setiap Wanita Yang Beriman

Nasihat utk wanita

Pengarang    :  Muhammad Said Ramadan Al-Buti           

Imprint            :  Kuala Lumpur:  Nizamiyyah Publications, 2021

Muka surat    :  90

Sinopsis :

Isu berhubung dengan wanita memang sentiasa hangat diperkatakan sepanjang masa dan zaman. Hal ini boleh kita simpulkan betapa penting untuk kita tahu isu yang dibangkitkan bukanlah suatu picisan atau bersifat pinggiran. Perkara ini melibatkan maruah, harga diri dan pegangan kepercayaan wanita tersebut yang menjadikan perbualan dan perbincangan mengenai wanita senantiasa ditimbulkan wacananya.

Setiap kelompok dan pendokong yang berusaha memperjuangkan hak dan nasib wanita biasanya mempunyai agenda mereka tersendiri terutama yang membabitkan gerakan ideologi. Terdapatnya dua kelompok yang ekstrem sama ada ekstrem supaya sifat semula jadi wanita adalah bebas dari sebarang ikatan dan adat, ataupun wanita ini sifatnya perlu dikawal sebagai kongkongan secara ketat agar mereka dapat dibersihkan dari bawaan sifat hina dan keji.

Karya al-Syahid Shaykh Dr. Ramadhan al-Buti ini telah menyimpulkan beberapa persoalan genting dan penting yang dilalui oleh para wanita. Beliau telah menampilkan suatu bentuk simbiosis dan interaksi antara realiti hidup wanita dan pengamalan dalam agama. Di dalamnya Shaykh menujukan nasihat yang tepat seolah-olah beliau merasai dan menjiwai permasalahan yang dihadapi oleh kaum wanita. Cabaran-cabaran yang dihadapi oleh kaum wanita sepanjang zaman adalah berbeza.

Sementara pada era sekarang ini, bentuknya mungkin sama pada puluhan tahun kebelakang tetapi dengan situasi realitinya yang berbeza. Oleh itu, amat tepat apabila Shaykh al-Buti menampilkan perjawaban yang relevan bagi persoalan semasa kini.