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Perkhidmatan Bernilai Komitmen Kami


1. Valuing Businesses Using Regression Analysis

VAluing Business

Pengarang   : C. Fred Hall               

Imprint          : New Jersey :  John Wiley & Sons, 2021 

Mukasurat    : 174

Sinopsis :

The book discusses why regression analysis should be you preferred tool for business valuation and why other valuation methodologies can be wildly inaccurate.  Finally, the author walks you through the processes for more advanced analyses, including curved regressions with outlines and multiple variable regression.

Perfect for business valuators, certified public accountants, certified financial analysts, and other professionals regularly engaged in the valuation of enterprises of various sizes, valuing Business Using Regression for one of the most accurate techniques of business valuation available today.

2. Intellectual Property : Valuation, Exploitation, and Infringement Samages 5th Edition.

Intellectual Property

Pengarang   : Yurida Caire               

Imprint          : New Jersey :  John Wiley & Sons, 2021 

Mukasurat    : 263  


A comprehensive reference for valuation of intangible assets Intellectual Property, Valuation, Exploitation, and Infringement Damages provides in-depth, up-to-date guidance about the valuation of intangible assets. Covering patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, and more, this book describes the standards, best practices, and case law relating to valuation, licensing, and infringement damages. Intellectual property strategies are examined from a business economic standpoint, and analytical models are provided to streamline the calculation of valuations, licensing royalty rates, and fair equity splits in joint venture arrangements. Designed to ease the task of attaching monetary value to intangible assets, this invaluable reference includes extensive practical guidance including sample royalty rate information, diffusion sales forecasting models, detailed treatment of investment rate of return, and the valuation of early-stage technology. Intellectual property is rapidly becoming a major profit center for an increasing number of companies, who may invest billions of dollars in development of an irreplaceable asset. This book provides an authoritative reference for exploiting this property to its fullest extent and quantifying its actual economic value. Now that intangible assets are becoming the cornerstones of corporations, applying a logical, analytical approach to valuation has become more important than ever. Intellectual Property, Valuation, Exploitation, and Infringement Damages provides expert guidance for each stage of the asset's life cycle, with recommended procedures and strategies grounded in case law and real-world practice.

3.The Law On Land Acquisition

The Law on Land

Pengarang   : Su Tiang Joo              

Imprint          : Ampang : CLJ Publication, 2018 

Mukasurat    : 290     

Sinopsis :

The federal Constitution provides that “No person shall be dprived of property save in accordance with law : and “no law shall provide for the compulsory acquisition or use of property without adequate compensation”.  It is therefore imperative for landowners to understand their rights to ensure that these rights are protected and adequately compensated in the event of compulsory acquisition.  “The Law on Land Acquisition” comprehensively sets out the underlying legal jurisprudence of compulsory land acquisition in Malaysia and the procedural pre-requisites based on the land Acquisition Act 1960, including the recent amendments vide the Land Acquisition (Amendment) Act 2016. The book also highlights both reported and unreported case authorities up to January 2018 that had seen in this subject developed.  The key chapters included in this book, amongst others, cover Commencement of Acquisition, Statutory Notices, Enquiry, References to Court, court proceedings, principles for Determination of Compensation, Challenging a Land Acquisition Exercise, etc.

4.Investment Decision-Making Using Optional Models    

Investment Decision

Pengarang   : David Heller               

Imprint          : Hoboken : John Wiley & Sons, 2019 

Mukasurat    : 175    

Sinopsis :

To create value, companies must allocate their resources effectively and evaluate investment alternatives. This book examines, from a theoretical and empirical point of view, how managerial flexibility can be integrated into investment decisions through the optional approach. Unlike the traditional net present value method, the actual options take into account indeterminate elements. These lead to unpredictable cash flows at the time of the investment decision, especially in the context of complex and risky projects. The book puts into perspective the use of optional models and their interactions. The different categories of options are the subject of practical applications, through analysis of investment decisions where uncertainty is growing. Therefore, studies make it possible to consider the flexible nature of investment choices by integrating new information and risk over time.

5. Maturity Model for Information Technology in Construction Industry 


Pengarang   : Nur Shuhada Zainon             

Imprint           : Kuala Lumpur : University Malaya Press, 2018 

Mukasurat    : 160

Sinopsis :

This book revealed the right formula to make the Information Technology implementation succeed in an organization. It offers a unique opportunity for the construction industry players to understand the real issues of IT implementation from the perspective of infrastructure flexibility and people issues. Real life case studies were presented, making this book a highly relevant tool for managing technology today in the construction world. The construction industry players will value the book because it covers a range of important issues that few known completely. University students will find the book a valuable source of necessary information for technology implementation in the construction industry.

6. Demographic Transitional And Socio-Economic Development in Malaysia   


Pengarang   : Tey Nai Peng             

Imprint          : Kuala Lumpur : University Malaya Press, 2020

Muka surat   : 229   

Sinopsis :

In Malaysia, the demographic transition of mortality and fertility from a high to a
low level has resulted in a dramatic age structural shift, giving rise to a
demographic dividend. Malaysia has put in place the various mechanisms in
development planning to improve human capital. Consequently, Malaysia has
done well to realize the demographic dividend in achieving rapid socio-economic
development, which in turn erected the demographic processes.

The introductory chapter of this book elucidates the linkages between
population and development, with reference to Malaysia. Chapters 2 to
4 present an update of the demographic situation in Malaysia in terms of changes
in the population structure, fertility, and mortality. Chapters 5 to 8 focus on the
family, women, youths, and the older people in the context of socio-economic
changes. The remaining three chapters analyse the linkages between demographic
changes and human capital development, epidemiological transition, and
environmental degradation.

7. Don’t Push Too any Trolleys : And Other Tips from Navigating Life and Business

Dont't Push

Pengarang   : Ying Tan              

Imprint           : West Sussex : John Wiley & Sons , 2021

Muka surat   : 223

Sinopsis :

Don't Push Too Many Trolleys: And Other Tips from Navigating Life and Business teaches readers ten crucial principles required to succeed in life and business. Written by Ying Tan, Founder and CEO of a multimillion-pound financial services company, Don’t Push Too Many Trolleys impart sage advice suitable for anyone, at any stage of their life.

The author describes the attitudes, lessons, and traits that allowed him to become one of the youngest Vice Presidents ever at Goldman Sachs. He shows readers how he built a company from the ground up to create one of the most influential and powerful financial services companies in the UK. Full of concrete strategies and practical advice, this book provides:

  • A deeply personal and humble perspective on success in life and business
  • Actionable advice that makes a real difference in the pursuit of happiness and wealth
  • A front-row seat to the economic meltdown of 2008 and how the author managed to survive it with his business intact.

Written for entrepreneurs, businesspeople, financial professionals, and anyone else with an interest in improving their personal and professional life by taking full responsibility for their choices and actions, Don’t Push Too Many Trolleys is an indispensable addition to the libraries of people across the world.

8. Fail, Fast, Learn Faster : Lessons in Data-Driven Leadership in an Age of Disruption, Big Data, and AI 

Fail, Fast

Pengarang   : Randy Bean   

Imprint           : Haboken : John Wiley & Sons, 2021

Muka surat   : 239  

Sinopsis :

In Fail Fast, Learn Faster: Lessons in Data-Driven Leadership in an Age of Disruption, Big Data, and AI, Fortune 1000 strategic advisor, noted author, and distinguished thought leader Randy Bean tells the story of the rise of Big Data and its business impact – its disruptive power, the cultural challenges to becoming data-driven, the importance of data ethics, and the future of data-driven AI.

The book looks at the impact of Big Data during a period of explosive information growth, technology advancement, emergence of the Internet and social media, and challenges to accepted notions of data, science, and facts, and asks what it means to become "data-driven."

Fail Fast, Learn Faster includes discussions of:

  • The emergence of Big Data and why organizations must become data-driven to survive
  • Why becoming data-driven forces companies to "think different" about their business
  • The state of data in the corporate world today, and the principal challenges
  • Why companies must develop a true "data culture" if they expect to change
  • Examples of companies that are demonstrating data-driven leadership and what we can learn from them
  • Why companies must learn to "fail fast and learn faster" to compete in the years ahead
  • How the Chief Data Officer has been established as a new corporate profession

9. Transformasi Pembangunan Hartanah Wakaf : Menerusi Dana Amanah Hartanah Islam


Pengarang   :   Syahnaz Sulaiman  

Imprint           :   Nilai : USIM, 2021

Muka surat   :   272   

Sinopsis :

Buku Transformasi Pembangunan Hartanah Wakaf Menerusi Dana Amanah Hartanah Islam mengupas sejarah institusi wakaf serta mekanisma pembangunan hartanah wakaf menerusi pelbagai kaedah tradisional mahupun moden. Buku ini turut menggarap perbahasan hukum dan fatwa berkaitan wakaf, isu-isu perundangan semasa serta cabaran untuk membangunkan hartanah wakaf menerusi mekanisma kontemporari. Keunikan buku ini antara lain dapat memberikan pendedahan kepada pembaca mengenai aspek penggemblengan aset-aset wakaf secara lebih dinamik dan progresif. Amanah pelaburan hartanah Islam merupakan antara instrumen pasaran modal Islam yang dilihat berpotensi untuk diketengahkan bagi membuka kunci nilai hartanah wakaf yang terpendam. Pendekatan ini sudah pastinya dapat meningkatkan kecairan hartanah wakaf untuk dimanfaatkan oleh benefisiari wakaf serta ummah secara lebih mampan. Modenisasi dalam kaedah pelaburan dan pengembangan harta wakaf merupakan satu anjakan paradigma ke arah memperkasa peranan wakaf dalam memenuhi keperluan dan tuntutan umat manusia yang kian mencabar. Buku ini sesuai dijadikan rujukan oleh para pengkaji, pengurus, pengamal industri kewangan Islam serta pencinta wakaf bagi mencetuskan perspektif baharu dalam arena pembangunan hartanah wakaf.

10. Makan Untuk Kurus  : Nak Kurus Kena Makan

Makan Untuk Kurus

Pengarang   : Junaidi Shukri       

Imprint           : Kuala Lumpur : SOMO Publishing, 2020

Muka surat   : 201   

Sinopsis :

Buku ini ditulis dengan niat untuk membantu masyarakat mengalami masalah susah untuk menurunkan berat badan dengan cara mengamalkan teknik dan tip pemakanan yang betul. Tercetusnya idea untuk menulis buku ini setelah dunia dilanda pandemik Covid-19 pada awal tahun 2020. Ramai orang kelihatan risau dan takut keluar rumah kerana bimbang dengan jangkitan virus berkenaan ketika berada di luar rumah sehingga kita lupa pada penyakit yang sedang menunggu di dalam rumah iaitu obesiti yang disebabkan oleh tabiat makan yang tidak henti-henti sepanjang berada di rumah.