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1. Valuation : Measuring and Managing the Value of Companies 7th Ed.


Pengarang : McKinsey & Company

Imprint : New Jersey : Wiley, 2020
Mukasurat : 878


Valuation has been the foremost resource for measuring company value for nearly three decades. Now in its seventh edition, this acclaimed volume continues to help financial professionals around the world gain a deep understanding of valuation and help their companies create, manage, and maximize economic value for their shareholders.
This latest edition has been carefully revised and updated throughout, and includes new insights on topics such as digital, ESG (environmental, social and governance), and long-term investing, as well as fresh case studies.
Clear, accessible chapters cover the fundamental principles of value creation, analysing and forecasting performance, capital structure and dividends, valuing high-growth companies, and much more. The Financial Times calls the book “one of the practitioners’ best guides to valuation.”

This book:

• Provides complete, detailed guidance on every crucial aspect of corporate valuation
• Explains the strategies, techniques, and nuances of valuation every manager needs to know
• Covers both core and advanced valuation techniques and management strategies
• Features/Includes a companion website that covers key issues in valuation, including videos, discussions of trending topics, and real-world valuation examples from the capital markets

For over 90 years, McKinsey & Company has helped corporations and organizations make substantial and lasting improvements in their performance. Through seven editions and 30 years, Valuation: Measuring and Managing the Value of Companies, has served as the definitive reference for finance professionals, including investment bankers, financial analysts, CFOs and corporate managers, venture capitalists, and students and instructors in all areas of finance.

2. Housing and Financial Stability

Housing and Financial

Pengarang : Alan Brener

Imprint : London : Routledge, 2020
Mukasurat : 273


The book addresses the relationship between housing policy, credit and financial instability in light of the recent global financial crisis and proposes both short and long-term solutions. Although it is not known where the next crisis will come from, history suggests that it will have credit and property at its source. Thus, it is important that the UK and other countries look more broadly at what should be done in terms of policies, institutions and tools to make the housing market and mortgage lenders more resilient against a future crisis. This book sets out a number of workable proposals. Central to this work are questions relating to the quantitative macroprudential measures, such as loan-to-value (LTV) and debt-to-income (DTI) restrictions, and whether these can be used to any significant extent in western democracies and, if employed, whether they are likely to be effective. In particular, the book questions the political legitimacy of their use and the potential consequences for the institutions, such as central banks, promulgating such policies. Preserving financial stability in very uncertain market conditions is of key importance to central bankers and other regulators, and macroprudential policy is a rapidly growing subject for both legal and economics study.
This book will therefore be of interest to financial professionals, policymakers and academics.

3. Business Valuation : An Integrated Theory 3rd Ed.

Business Valuation

Pengaran : Z. Christopher Mercer

Imprint : New Jersey : Wiley, 2021
Mukasurat : 482

Sinopsis :

A guide that demystifies modern valuation theory and shows how to apply fundamental valuation concepts
The revised and updated third edition of Business Valuation: An Integrated Theory explores the core concepts of the integrated theory of business valuation and adapts the theory to reflect how the market for private business actually works.
In this third edition of their book, the authors are two experts on the topic of business valuation. They try to help readers in translating valuation theory into everyday valuation practice. This important updated book:
• Includes an extended review of the core concepts of the integrated theory of business valuation and applies the theory on a total capital basis
• Explains “typical” valuation discounts (marketability and minority interest) and premiums (control premiums) in the context of financial theory, institutional reality and the behaviour of market participants
• Explores evolving valuation perspectives in the context of the integrated theory
• Written by two experts on valuation theory from Mercer Capital
The third edition of Business Valuation is the only book available regarding an integrated theory of business valuation that offering an essential, unprecedented resource for business professionals.

4. BIM for Facility Managers

BIM Facility

Pengarang : Paul Teicholz

Imprint : New Jersey : Wiley, 2013
Mukasurat : 332

Sinopsis :

A practical look at extending the value of Building Information Modelling (BIM) into facility management. It is from the world's largest international association for professional facility managers
Building owners and facility managers are discovering that Building Information Modelling (BIM) models of buildings are deep reservoirs of information that can provide valuable spatial and mechanical details on every aspect of a property. When used appropriately, this data can improve performance and save time, effort, and money in running and maintaining the building during its life cycle. It can also provide information for future modifications. For instance, a BIM could reveal everything from the manufacturer of a light fixture to its energy usage to maintenance instructions.
BIM for Facility Managers explains how BIM can be linked to facility management (FM) systems to achieve very significant life-cycle advantages. It presents guidelines for using BIM in FM that have been developed by public and private owners such as the GSA. There is an extensive discussion of the legal and contractual issues involved in BIM/FM integration. It describes how COBie can be used to name, capture, and communicate FM-related data to downstream systems. There is also extensive discussion of commercial software tools that can be used to facilitate this integration.
This book features six in-depth case studies that illustrate how BIM has been successfully integrated with facility management in real-life projects at:
• Texas A&M Health Science Centre
• USC School of Cinematic Arts
• MathWork's new campus
• Xavier University
• State of Wisconsin Facilities
• University of Chicago Library renovation

BIM for Facility Managers is an indispensable resource for facility managers, building owners and developers alike.

5. Successful Supervision and Leadership

Successful Supervision 

Pengarang : Tracey Harris
Imprint : New York : Routledge, 2020
Mukasurat : 306

Sinopsis :

Around the world, hundreds of thousands of supervisors and leaders provide coaching, supervision and leadership to staff every day of the year, yet the majority of supervisors have never attended formal training about how to be an effective supervisor and leader. Most supervisors do not refresh their skills, knowledge and capabilities to remain up to date or evaluate their supervisory practice regularly.
Supervision is fundamental to ensure that employees meet the requirements of their role, feel supported and valued, and engage in ongoing growth and development. When supervision is effective, it reduces stress, fatigue and burnout. Supervision ensures that employees reflect on their work to maintain high performance and it supports well-being as a professional.
This latest book is an essential guide for experienced supervisors and leaders. It is a comprehensive book demonstrating how to provide effective supervision and leadership in the modern workplace. It assists leaders to understand the industrial and ethical context in which supervision is provided, how to evaluate the effectiveness of supervision, and shows supervisors and leaders the specific capabilities that are necessary to be a quality leader and supervisor.
This book is a must-read for any supervisor or leader who wants to provide effective supervision and leadership. Each chapter provides valuable information and the latest research on supervision with reflective questions to guide supervisors in their thinking and learning about supervision.

6. Applied Strategic Marketing : A Step by Step Approach

Applied Strategic

Pengarang : Karel Jan Alsem

Imprint : Oxon : Routledge, 2019
Muka surat : 424

Sinopsis :
This book, originally published in Dutch, provides a uniquely practical approach to strategic marketing planning. Combining a comprehensive overview of theory with practice, each chapter takes the reader step by step through the strategic marketing process. Beginning with identifying the value proposition, it moves on to the situational analysis that underpins the corporate strategy and finally details the overall implementation and creation of a customer and brand values. Applied Strategic Marketing equips the reader with the necessary tools and techniques to develop and deliver a thorough and effective marketing strategy.
With a broad range of international case studies that bring the theory to life, this well-renowned and updated translation is vital reading for undergraduate and postgraduate students of marketing management and strategic marketing. It should also be of interest to marketing practitioners who want a clear overview to aid them in the planning process.

7. The Basics of Project Evaluation and Lessons Learned 2nd ed

The Basic Project

Pengarang : Willis H. Thomas

Imprint : Boca Raton : CRC Press, 2015
Muka surat : 198

Sinopsis :
For some organizations, Lessons Learned (LL) is an informal process of discussing and recording project experiences during the closure phase. For others, LL is a formal process that occurs at the end of each phase of a project. Regardless of when they are performed, if you are a project team member, chances are you will soon be required to present an evaluation of your project using Lessons Learned. Presenting new information that updates the award-winning first edition, The Basics of Project Evaluation and Lessons Learned, Second Edition supplies practical guidance on conducting project Lessons Learned. The first edition won the Project Management Institute's (PMI (R)) David I. Cleland Project Management Literature Award. Following in the footsteps of its popular predecessor, this second edition provides an easy-to-follow, systematic approach to conducting Lessons Learned on a project. Updated to align with the PMBOK (R) Guide, Fifth Edition Includes three new chapters - PRINCE2 (R), Agile Retrospectives, and Knowledge Transfer - in response to information requests from readers of the first edition from around the world. Enhanced with valuable new resources in the Project Evaluation Resource Kit (PERK) found on the downloadable resources, including a fully functional MS Access Lessons Learned Database. The research in this book is based on four years of doctoral dissertation research and is supported by renowned experts in the field of evaluation. The concepts covered are applicable to all types of organizations that implement projects and need to conduct Lessons Learned. Providing tools and techniques for active engagement, the text is founded on the principles of conducting project evaluations as recommended by the Project Management Institute (PMI), the world's leading not-for-profit membership association for the project management profession, and PRINCE2 (R) (Project in Controlled Environments version 2), a major governing body of project management. Simplifying and formalizing the methodology of conducting LL in projects, the contents of this book will help organizations, large and small, more effectively implement processes and systems to support effective LL. The text is supported by a Project Evaluation Resource Kit (PERK), which is found in the downloadable resources.

8. Successful Ph.D, Anyone?

Successful PhD

Pengarang : Ng Siew Imm

Imprint : Serdang : UPM, 2019
Muka surat : 132

Sinopsis :
When we first wrote Ph.D anyone?, we were motivated by the desire to share our own Ph.D. experiences with you. Our first version, Ph.D anyone? Was based on essential topics for doctoral students, topics that we considered as important survival skills needed as a Ph.D student. We were pleased to hear from our readers how our book had helped them in their own Ph.D journey and how much it had impacted them. Motivated by the acceptance of our first book, we decided to embark on this second book, Successful Ph.D, Anyone? Showcases five completion stories of our own students; their difficulties, joys and how they succeeded in their Ph.D journeys. We felt it was essential to have our students share their experiences to inspire readers so that they know the Ph.D is not an impossible journey, if we have the right attitude, motivation and strategies.
As you read each chapter, you will probably get a sense of the hard work, sacrifices and challenges encountered during each student’s journey.
Having said that, each of them graduated and have gone on to become successful people in their own chosen fields. Our students who have written their experiences consist of two full-time Ph.D students, a working adult and two international students. These students were carefully chosen for their diverse experiences; for we believe no two Ph.D journeys are ever alike. We started each chapter with the student’s experiences which is followed by our observations as their supervisors.

9. Install Pahala Uninstall Dosa

Install Pahala

 Pengarang : Najmi Farisham

Imprint : Must Read : Batu Caves, 2019
Muka surat : 239

Sinopsis :
Buku ini berkisarkan tentang pengalaman penulis sendiri semasa berkunjung ke tanah suci menjadi tetamu Allah. Perkongsian yang penuh informasi dan ilmu yang berguna buat semua orang yang bergelar seorang Muslim. Setiap Muslim pasti menanam impian ingin menjadi tetamu Allah di tanah suci Mekah pada suatu hari nanti.

Bahasa yang digunakan juga mudah difahami dan santai seolah-olah kita juga dapat merasai pengalaman yang diceritakan penulis semasa beliau berada di sana. Ini membuatkan pembaca juga berasa teringin untuk ke sana. Semua Muslim sangat disarankan untuk memiliki naskah ini.

Perkongsian di dalam buku ini bukan sahaja padat dengan informasi bahkan turut sarat dengan ilmu dan amalan untuk rujukan bagi setiap muslim. Penulis juga menceritakan pengalaman beliau yang dapat dijadikan sebagai pengajaran dan pedoman di dalam kehidupan seharian. Terdapat pelbagai ilmu dan manfaat yang dapat diambil daripada intipati buku ini.

10.Diet – licious 2.0


Pengarang : Rugayyah Muhd
Imprint : Kuala Terengganu : Kata Pilar Books, 2019
Muka surat : 183

Sinopsis :

Risau berat badan naik? Bawa pinggan makanan anda kepada para dietitian ini!

Dietitian paling takut apabila orang lain tengok pinggan atau apa yang kami suap ke dalam mulut. Ya lah, kami beriya beri nasihat jangan makan begitu begini, tiba-tiba kami pula makan banyak?

Kadangkala orang lain yang bawa lari pinggan apabila kami datang. Takut kami pula yang kira kalori mereka. Segan dan risau kami kata, “Hmmm.. makan macam ni, bila nak kurus?” Walaupun ada saja yang tak hairan kalau kami membebel - hari ini makan, esok lusa diet lah, kan?

Kebanyakan masa, kami juga seperti anda. Makan apabila lapar, makan macam-macam apabila ada jamuan, tidak merungut apa yang dihidang biarpun tidak sihat atau berkalori tinggi.

Kami mungkin tidak dapat lari daripada mencongak kalori yang ada pada makanan kerana telah terbiasa berbuat demikian. Jangan risau, kami lakukan diam-diam sahaja.

Tetapi, jika anda datang untuk dapatkan nasihat pemakanan dan gaya hidup sihat, kami tidak akan ragu memberinya. Cuma, kalau kami kenal anda lebih rapat, mungkin sambil nasihat itu kami cubit-cubit lemak di perut anda sikit.

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