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Perkhidmatan Bernilai Komitmen Kami

1. The Construction Of Houses  (5th Ed.)

The Construction of Houses

Pengarang  :  Duncan Marshall          

Imprint  :  London  :  The Routledge , 2013

Mukasurat :  444 ms 


The fifth edition of this successful textbook is aimed specifically at those students and practitioners who require a broad understanding of building construction as part of a wider sphere of professional activity. The book provides a comprehensive introduction to the principles and practice of modern construction and services. New to this edition are: Hundreds of revised graphics to complement the fully updated text New illustrations and photos printed in full colour for the first time New chapters on sustainability, ventilation and windows. This highly sought after text concentrates on principles and practice rather than details and regulations and retains it's easy to follow format and highly accessible style. In doing so it enables the reader to demonstrate a comprehensive and genuine understanding of modern house construction and its evolution over the last 100 years. The Construction of Houses is not only an essential read for students, surveyors, developers and planning professionals, but also the interested lay person considering their first building project.

2. Inspirational Training

Inspirational Training

Pengarang : Ronald Cartey      

Imprint  : Petaling Jaya : Golden Books Centre , 2010

Mukasurat : 268 ms 


Most training is designed merely to impart knowledge or improve skills. However, as Ron Cartey states in this important book, training is ultimately ineffective if it does not inspire the learner to apply what is being learned. His approach is based on a combination of research and experience, and trainers who adopt it can be sure that their listeners will turn learning into action.
The book shows how to integrate intellectual, emotional and physical elements to achieve 'superlearning'. The methods described include establishing rapport through body language; techniques of effective communication, including logical presentation, mental stimulation and subliminal influencing; and helping trainees to learn by creating a relaxed mood.
It is a simple step-by-step system that will not only improve the ability to train but also ensures that others are motivated to accept the message, understand the message, retain the message and, above all, use it to achieve business results and personal success.

3. Listening & Notetaking Skills 1

Listening Notetaking Skill

Pengarang : Patricia A. Dunkel       

Imprint :  Boston : National Geographic Learning , 2015

Mukasurat : 125 ms 

Sinopsis :

The new edition of the Listening and Notetaking Skills series incorporates engaging National Geographic content and video featuring authentic interviews and videos with National Geographic Explorers! This unique approach engages learners while enhancing listening comprehension and developing notetaking and study skills.

4. Planet Menurut Al-Quran Dan Astronomi Moden

Planet Menurut Al Quran

Pengarang :  Khairussaadah Wahid       

Imprint :  Kuala Lumpur : Penerbitan Universiti Malaya , 2018

Mukasurat : 132 ms  

Sinopsis :

Buku ini merupakan usaha untuk mengupas istilah al-kawkab dan al-kawakib yang terdapat dalam kitab suci al-Quran menurut pandangan mufasirin (ahli tafsir) dan astronomi moden. Terdapat lima ayat al-Quran yang diterjemahkan sebagai bintang oleh kebanyakan penterjemah mashaf al-Quran. Jarang sekali kedua-dua istilah ini diterjemahkan sebagai planet. Adakah terjemahan bintang bagi kedua-dua istilah tersebut adalah tepat? Justeru, sisi pandang buku ini dilakukan melalui dua disiplin ilmu iaitu ilmu wahyu dan sains bagi menjelaskan persoalan ini. Perbincangan dalam tulisan ini akan menyentuh tentang maksud sebenar lafaz al-kawkab dan al kawakib berdasarkan pandangan mufasirin. Seterusnya, klasifikasi planet dalam sistem suria oleh ahli astronomi akan diulas secara tuntas dalam bab yang khusus. Kemudiannya, analisis dijalankan terhadap pandangan mufasirin dan astronomi moden bagi melihat hubung kait antara keduaduanya. Hasil perbahasan dua disiplin ilmu ini akan merungkaikan terjemahan yang lebih tepat pada masa kini bagi istilah al-kawkab dan al-kawakib dalam al-Quran.

5. Ready To Write 3 (4th Ed.) 

Ready To Write

Pengarang : Karen Blanchard       

Imprint       :  Hoboken : Pearson Education , 2017

Mukasurat : 223 ms  

Sinopsis :

The latest edition of Ready to Write marks 30 years of this easy-to-teach, user-friendly three book series. With a fresh four-color design and a variety of new activities, this classroom favorite
provides guided writing instruction, dependable strategies, and many opportunities for students to hone the composition skills they need to be successful in personal and academic settings.

New to This Edition

  • Updated examples and model paragraphs illustrate organizing elements such as topic sentences, supporting details, and signal words.
  • New Learning Outcomes let students know the goals of each chapter and what their learning experience will be.
  • New Essential Online Resources contain the answer keys, plus additional activities for extra practice in grammar for writing with a focus on basic punctuation, writing mechanics, and paragraph structure.

Other Highlights

  • Extensive practice activities and clear teachable steps guide students through prewriting, writing, revising, and editing as they move from personal (emails, journals, letters) to academic (essays, lab reports, analyzing data, college applications) writing.
  • Paragraph-writing assignments provide practice in various rhetorical writing types including narration, description, opinion, compare and contrast, cause and effect, and problem/solution.
  • Grammar for Writing presents key grammar points and practice to boost accuracy.
  • Varied contextualized writing assignments help students with real-life tasks.

6. Regional Planning

Regional Planning

Pengarang  :  David A. Plane       

Imprint        : Cheltenham  : An Elgar References Collection , 2007

Muka surat :  691 ms 

Sinopsis :

The difficulties involved in formulating national policy over large geographical areas have led to the widespread adoption of more localized planning methods, covering regions of a large country. This comprehensive collection includes classic papers which highlight the ways in which regional planning has evolved, as well as offering case studies of state-of-the-art planning practices. The first part of the volume provides a background to the subject’s nature and evolution. It includes key pieces looking at the current state and evolution of the epistemology and practice of regional planning. The next section examines advances in the theory of regional development processes. The coverage is inevitably selective in subject matter and embraces the topical themes of economic convergence, amenities and quality of life, and regional systems of cities.The penultimate section concerns itself with major contributions on the neo-modern perspectives of regional policy and policy evaluation. Finally, there are case studies of regional planning practices.

7.Rindu Milikku

Rindu Milikku

Pengarang : Rohani Abd Aziz

Imprint  : Kuala Lumpur : Fajar Pakeer , 2012

Muka surat : 876 ms.

Sinopsis :

Aku terpinga-pinga. Keberatan untuk menyambut cincin yang dihulur oleh Hairul itu. Mataku masih memandang Hairul. Lagi sekali aku meminta simpati daripadanya agar menyelamatkan aku daripada situasi yang menghimpit diri. Mahu rasanya berlari keluar dan balik ke rumahku.

Aku mahu menjerit rasanya.

8. Suamiku Tak Romantik Tapi Autistik

Suamiku Tak Romantik

Pengarang :  Farisha Imani     

Imprint  : Cheras : Penerbitan Karyaseni  , 2013

Muka surat : 888 ms

Sinopsis :

“Aku bencikan kau, Syed Azmi! Kau memang lelaki tak guna!” -NURA ALIA Demi menjalankan rancangan membalas dendamnya, Nura Alia akhirnya nekad untuk menjadi babysitter kepada abang Syed Azmi yang autistik, Syed Azwan a.k.a Boboy, budak tak cukup seringgit yang sengal! Dalam terpaksa dia rela melayan setiap kerenah Boboy. “Boboy! Boboy memang suka menyusahkan akak, kan?! Eee… geramnya aku!” -NURA ALIA Kita minta maaf sebab selalu menyusahkan kakak. Kita sayangkan kakak!” BOBOY Tapi, tiada siapa yang dapat menghalang suratan takdir. Nura Alia dan Boboy akhirnya bersatu dalam sebuah ikatan. Pada saat cinta semakin bersemi, muncul pelbagai halangan yang menggugat rasa cinta yang baru hadir itu. Masing-masing masih menyimpan banyak rahsia. Rahsia yang mampu mengundang rasa kecewa dan duka dalam hati mereka berdua. Rahsia siapakah yang bakal terbongkar dahulu? Apakah nasib ‘cinta’ yang baru bersemi dalam hati mereka itu? Adakah dari cinta sekali lagi ia akan berubah menjadi benci? “Maafkan abang, sayang. Selama ni abang dah tipu Lia. Abang sebenarnya bukan Boboy yang autistik. Abang masih Syed Azwan yang normal. Abang…” -SYED AZWAN

9. Energy Management Practices In SME   

Energy Management

Pengarang :  Kunj Bihari Rana         

Imprint  : Deutshchland : LAP LAMBERT Academic Pub. , 2012

Muka surat :  81 ms   

Sinopsis :

The role of energy management has greatly expanded in industries. Effort to introduce energy management in Small and Medium Scale Enterprises (SME) is limited due to lack of initiation, expertise and financial constraints. Bakery is one of the energy intensive and small Scale industries. India is the second largest producer of bakery products after USA. Bakery is the largest food industry in India. This book, therefore, provides the analysis of energy consumption in the bakery industries. Analysis reveals that the sector comprises huge energy saving potential without much investment since industries are grown up haphazardly and are using obsolete technologies for baking. The analysis should help the operators and entrepreneurs of the bakery industry sector to implement various energy saving opportunities, so as to reduce the energy consumption as well as help in reducing the CO2 emmision and other environmental problems.

10. What school could be

What School could be

Pengarang : Ted Dintersmith

Imprint : New Jersey :  Princeton University Press ,  2018

Muka surat :  234 ms 

Sinopsis :

Innovation expert Ted Dintersmith took an unprecedented trip across America, visiting all 50 states in a single school year. He originally set out to raise awareness about the urgent need to reimagine education to prepare students for a world marked by innovation, but America's teachers one-upped him.

All across the country, he met teachers in ordinary settings doing extraordinary things, creating innovative classrooms where children learn deeply and joyously as they gain purpose, agency, and real knowledge. Together, these new ways of teaching and learning offer a vision of what school could be and a model for transforming schools throughout the United States and beyond. Better yet, teachers and parents don't have to wait for the revolution to come from above. They can readily implement small changes that can make a big difference.

America's clock is ticking. Our archaic model of education trains our kids for a world that no longer exists, and accelerating advances in technology are eliminating millions of jobs. But the trailblazing of many American educators gives us reasons for hope. Capturing bold ideas from teachers and classrooms across America, What School Could Be provides a realistic, and profoundly optimistic, roadmap for creating cultures of innovation and real learning in all our schools.