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Perkhidmatan Bernilai Komitmen Kami


2017 - 2016 Research Project

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1.Alternative Pricing Benchmark for Islamic Home Financing – Prof. Madya Dr. Salina Kasim

2.Development of an Innovatieve Model to Empower Waqf Authorities in the Provision of Afforcdable Housing – Prof. Dr. Khairuddin Abdul Rashid

3.Baseline Study on Vendor’s Disclosure and Owner’s Title Assurance Compensation Law In Malaysia – Prof Madya Dr. Nuraisyah Chua Abdullah

4.Methods Of Identifying Land Titles Relating to Unclaimed Muslim Estates and Beneficiaries Thereto – Dr. Robiah Suratman

5.Classification, Grading and Rental Index for Shopping Centres in Malaysia – Dr Zukarnain Zakaria

6.Social Sustainability Achievement in Malaysia Housing Scheme: A Survey of Safe Housing in Iskandar Region – Dr. Ainur Zaireen Zainudin

7.Housing Affordability Crisis in the States of Perak, Selangor, Melaka and Johor – Assoc. Prof. Mariana Mohamed Osman

8.Land Allocation Approach for the Non Registered Proprietor Flood Victims in Kuala Krai – Assoc. Prof. Dr. Sr. Thuraiya Mohd

9.Urban Renewal and Strata Scheme Termination, A Proposal for En-Bloc Sale: The Malaysian Approach – Dr. Khadijah Hussin

10.An Assessment of Vulnerable and Disabled Communities Ability to Own Residential Properties in Urban Areas of Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur and Selangor - Assoc. Prof. Dr. Syakir Amir Ab. Rahman

11.Kajian Ke Atas Tekanan dan Kawalan Pembangunan Kawasan Pertanian dan Tanah Simpanan Melayu Negeri Kedah. : Implikasi Ke Atas Pembangunan Perumahan Dan Komuniti Petani Di Kawasan MADA – Dr. Azlizan Talib

12.Ageing in Place Guideline for the Elderly in Malaysia-Home for Generation X and Baby Boomers - Sr. Dr. Siti Uzairiah Mohd. Tobi

13.Affordability of Potential First Time Home Buyer In Urban Areas, Malaysia – Dr. Sr. Ainoriza Mohd. Aini

14.Developing an Affordable Housing Livability Index – Dr. Fauziah Raji

15.Residential Property Price Hike and Speculation – Assoc. Prof. Dr. Razali Haron

16.Rural Agro-Tourism and Local Community Income: The Case Study of Homestays in Kelantan and Terengganu – Assoc. Prof. Syahriah Bachok

17.Off-Campus-Nooraini Johari  UiTM

18.The Development PMCI  Dr Mustafa Omar

19.Intergrated Comsumer Decision Making Process Model  Dr Siti Mahfuzah sarif(UUM)

20.The Conceptualizing The Potential Use of HPET-i   Dr Zaemah Zainuddin (UUM)(1)

21. Assessing the Strata Housing Attributes for Elderly to age in Place in Klang Valley - Sr Amalina Azmi

22. Housing Demand and Prices, Drivers of Default and Rejection of Housing Loans in Malaysia: A Micro-Level Perspective - Dr. Azira Abdul Adzis

23. Kajian Amalan dan Pelaksanaan Caj Pemajuan Dalam Pembangunan Tanah di Malaysia - Nor Azlina Yusnita Abdul Rahman

24. A Study on the Need for a Comprehensive Guidelines on Design and Planning (Quality & Standard) of Low Cost Housing for Shari'ah Compliance - Assoc. Prof. Dr. Srazali Aripin

25. Strategi Penjualan Program Perumahan Rakyat (PPR) dan Perumahan Awam (PA) - Assoc. Prof. Dr. Dani Salleh

26. A Conceptual Framework of Eco-Based Residential Development in Malaysia - Dr. Hj Abdul Shukor Bin Shamsudin

27. Impact of Green or Sustainable Building on Economic Outcomes Measured in the Marketplace in Malaysia - Assoc. Prof. Dr. Rozilah Kasim

28. The Effectiveness of Maintenance Management Through Implementation of Building Maintenance Policy in Commercial High Rise Building - Prof. Dato' Sri Ar. Dr. Asiah Abdul Rahim

29. Index for Leveraging Growth Strategies and Corporate Governance Fit for Superior Financial Performance in the Malaysian Real Estate Industry - Assonc. Prof. Dr. Kartinah Ayupp