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Bibliography Penilaian dan Harta Tanah - JILID:3 1988
SubjectAuthorTitleClass No.
CITY PLANNINGBRAKEN, IanUrban planning methodsR307.76072 BRA
 OTHICK, FrankLand tribunal cases - Vol. 19R.343.0252026 LAN
 DENYER GREEN, BarryDevelopment and planning law344 den
 GRANT, MalcolmPlanning law handbookR344.20645 GRA
 BURKE, GeraldTown Planning and the surveyorR352.96 BUR
 WILLIS, Kenneth GeorgeThe economics of town and country planning388.9007 WIL
 RATCLIFFE, JohnAn introduction to town and country planning711 RAP
 ROBERTS, MargaretAn introduction to town planning techniques711 ROB
 MOOR, NigelThe planner and the market: An examination of the role of the planner in the dev. market711.4 MOO
 SIMMIES, J.M.Citizen in conflict: the sociology of town planning711.4 SIM
  Traffic, transportation and the urban planning711.4 TRA
  Urban problems and planning in the developed world711.4 URB
 CHERRY, Gordon E.Urban planning problems711.4 URB
 SELF, PeterPlanning the urban region: A comparative study of policies and organizations711.4 SEL
 OPPENHEIM, NorbertApplied models in urban and regional analysisR711.5 OPP
CONDOMINIUMSWADE, John R.Condominiums:  The professional's complete manual and guideR332.63243 WAD
 ROSEN, Kenneth d.Condominium conversions333.3 ROS
 BARASH, Samuel T.Completely guide to appraising condominiums and cooperatives333.338 BAR
 DOMBAL, Robert W.Appraising condominiums:  suggested data analysis techniques333.338 DOM
 DOMBAL, Robert W.Residential condominiums:  A guide to analysis and appraisal333.338 DOM
 TANZER, MiltConverter's guide to high profits from condominium and time sharing conversionsR333.338 TAN
 HOLEMAN, Jack R.Condominium management658.9164792 HOL
CONVEYANCINGRUOFF, Theodore B.F. WEST, ChristopherConsise land registration practice344.206438 RUO
 CAWTHORN, JohnResidential estate conveyancing practice and precedentsR346.0438 CAW
 MELLOWS, Anthony R.Conveyancing searches346.0438 MEL
 BRANWELL, HartleyConveyancing in Hong Kong346.043815152
 VOUMARD, L.               WIKRAMA, P. N.The law relating to the sale of land in Victoria346.9450438
 CHAVASSE, C. P. G.Conveyancing and other non-contentious costs346.0438 CHA
DWELLINGGAITENS, Robert P.How to make big profits renovating real estates333.3322018 GAI
 WATSON, John A.Residential evaluation and reprofit643.7 WAT
  SCOTTISH LOCAL AUTHORITIES SPECIAL Housing maintenance manualR690.24 SCO
 SIMPSON, Barry J.   PURDY, M. T.Housing on sloping sites: A design guideR728 SIM
EMINENT DOMAINBROWN, DouglasLand AcquisitionR343.130993 BRO
 FRICKE, Graham LewisCompulsory acquisition of land in Australia343.940252 FRI
FARM MANAGEMENTBOEHLJE, Michael D. EIDMAN, Vernon R.Farm management630.68 BOE
HOTEL MANAGEMENTGRAY, William S. SALVATORE, C.Hotel and motel management and operations647.94 GRA
 BULL, Frank J.    HOPPER, John. D.G.Hotel and catering law728.5026 BUL
HOUSE BUYINGMILLER, Norman G. GOEBEL, Paul R.The buyer, seller and broker's guide to creative home finance332.72 MIL
 GOH BAN LEEBuying a house in Malaysia352.709595 GOH
 BUGDEN, Gary F.Buying a home unit in Australia and New Zealand643.10994 BUG
HOUSINGDASSO, Jerome J.  KUHN, GeraldReal Estate Finance332.720973
 GARNER, JFAlteration or conversion of house333.3 GAR
 BOLEAT, MarkNational housing finance systems:  A comparative study338.433635 BOL
 ALDRIDGE, Trevor M.The law of flatsR344.063635 ARD
 BAKER, Charles VivianHousing assosiations363.5 BAK
 MURIE, AlanHousing inequality and deprivation363.50941 MUR
 HADDEN, TomHousing:  Repairs and improvements363.58 HAD
 MEGELIN, A EmielUrban low-income housing and development:  A case study in Peninsular MalaysiaR363.58 WEG
 BALL, MichaelHousing policy and economic power363.580941 BAL
 YEH, Stephen H. K.Public housing in Singapore:  A multi-disciplinary study363.58095957 PUB
  Housing as a basic needR643 HOU
 MCGRATH, HelenAbout the house and introduction to home economics643.1 MCB
 RUDINGER, EdithWhich? Why to buy, sell and move house643.1 WHI
 ZAINAL A. Z.Rumah rakyat II:  Membantu rumah panggung rencana dan bahan-bahan yang dipakai643.1 ZAI
  Buying a flat? Don't buy a lifetime of problems as well647.920202 BUY
 I. ZIKOWITZ, K.G.The house in East and Southeast Asia:  Anthropological and architectural aspects722.4 HOU 
LAND SETTLEMENTJONES , G. W.       RICHTER, H. V.Population resettlement programs in Southeast Asia307.2959 JON
LAND TENUREANGEL, ShlomoLand for housing the poor333.32 LAN
 AHMAD NAZRI ABDULLAHMelayu dan Tanah: tumpuan khusus kepada tanah simpanan Melayu333.73 AHM
 SIHOMBING, Judith E. MOHAMED Suffian, Tun Dr.National Land Code:  A CommentaryR343.02509595 SIH
LAND USEWENDI, P. F..Forecasting transportation impact upon land use333.71 WEN
 MCRAE, S. G.          BURNHAM, C. P.Land evaluation333.73 MCR
 NEWELLA, MartinAn introduction to economics of urban land use333.77 NEW
 OSBORN, JamesArea, development policy and the Middle City on Malaysia333.77 OSB
 GOLDBERG, Michael Arthur                         CHINLOY, PeterUrban land economicsR333.770973 GOL
 RATCLIFFE, JohnAn introduction to urban land administrationR333.7715 RAT
 DUNKENLEY, Harold BUrban land policy:  Issues and opportunities333.7717 URB
 MILLER, ChristopherPlanning and pollution examination role of land use planning in the protection of ...363.730941 MIL
LAND VALUE TAXATIONHOLLAND, Daniel MThe Assessment of land valueR333.332 THE
LANDLORD AND TENANTWOODFALL, William   WELLINGS, V.G.Moodfall's law of landlord and tenant346.0432 WOO
 WALSON, RAymond Sir ESSAYAN, MichaelAdlin's Landlord and TenantR346.4434 WAL
 YATES. David          HANKINS, a.J.Landlord and tenant lawR346.4201344 YAT
 LANG, Andrew G.Leases and tenancies in New South Wales346.94404334 LAN
LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURELOVEJOY, Derek & PartnersSpon's Landscape price book635.9 SPO
 DOWNING, M. F.Landscape construction712.3 DOW
MORTGAGESMARTSON, BarthCreative real estate financing:  A guide to buying and selling homes in the 1980s332.722 MAR
 FAIREST, Paul B.MortgagesR346.410434 FAI
PUBLIC UTILITIES - VALUATIONBYRON, J. RichardThe building society valuer690.013 BYR
REAL ESTATEGRAVES, M.J.Risk to property development333.3 GRE
REAL ESTATE BUSINESSDESMOND, Glenn M.   KEELEY, Richard E.Business valuation handbookR332.63221 DES
 MASON, James J.Appraisers financial tablesR332.6324 AME
 BEATON, William R.      ROBERTSON, TerryReal estate investment332.6324 BEA
  Reading in the income approach to real property valuationR332.6324 REA
 WIEDEMER, John P.Real estate financeR.332.720973 WIE
 KAU, James B.            SIRMAN, C. F.Real estateR333.33 KAU
 O"DONNELL, Paul T.  MALEADY, Eugene L.The practice of real estate333.33 ODO
 SIROTA, DavidEssentials of real estate333.33 SIR
 ALLEN, Robert D.         WOLFE, Thomas E.The Allen and Wolfe illustrated dictionery of real estate333.330321 all
 HEMPHILL, Thomas     HEMPHILL, Charles F. Jr.The essential dictionary of real estate terminology333.330321 HEM
 VERNOR, James D.Reading in market research for real estateR333.330688 REA
 FRENCH, William B.    MARTIN, Stephen J.Real estate reviews' guide to real estate lcensing examinations for salespersons & broR333.33076 FRE
 SHENKEL, William MMarketing real estate658.8109 SHE
REAL ESTATE DEVELOPMENTSWESNIK, Richard H.   RESTON, V.A.Acquiring and developing income-producing real estate332.6324 SWE
 GREEN, Ernest H.Building, planning and development333.38 GRE
 CADMAN, David          AUSTIN, LeslieProperty development333.73150941 PRO
REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT Reading in real estate investment analysis332.6 REA
 LIM, LAN YUANYou & Your Property:  Investing in property332.6324 LIM
 SELDIN, Maury              SWESHIK, Richard H.Real estate investment strategy332.6324 SEL
 TANZER, MiltCommercial real estate desk book332.6324 TAN
 WALTERS, David W.The intelligent investor's guide to real estate332.6324 WAL
 RABINOWITZ, AlanThe real estate gamble:  Lessons from 50 years of boom and bust332.6324097 RAB
 AKERSON, Charles B.The internal rate of return in real estate investments:  A research monograph332.63247 AKE
 GAU, George W.Determinants of return in real estate investment and the rate of real estate management332.6327 GAU
 HUSSANDER, MartinReal estate syndicate's manual and guide658.9133333 HUS
REAL ESTATE LISTINGFLETCHER, David R.Condominium sales and listing333.338 FLE
REAL ESTATE MANAGEMENTCONROY, KathleenValuing the timeshare property332.63221 CON 
  Appraisal thought:  A 50 year beginningR332.6324 APP
 PARKS, JerryReal estate profit power, Managing your own real estate office333.3068 PAR
  The accredited resident manager profile333.33 ACC
 MILES, C. W. M.Warmsley's rural estate management:  A compendium at the services of agricultural...333.33 WAL
 CHIDDICT, DavidLand management:  New directions333.330942 LAN
  Real estate, valuing, counselling, forecasting Selected writings of John Robert WhiteR333.6324 REA
 SHENKEL, William M (William Monroe)Modern real estate management658.913335 SHE
REAL PROPERTYKNIGHT, W.J.L.The acquisition of private companies332.6324 KNI
 SOMPSON, Robert L.Real estate exchange counselling 332.6324 SIM
  The appraisal of rural property333.335 APP
 HARWOOD, MichaelModern English land law344.20643 HAR
 RIDDAL, J. G.Introduction to land lawR344.20643 RID
 BURN, E. H. MAUDSLEY, R.H.Maudsley and Burn's land law:  Cases and materialsR344.206430264 BUR
 MOORE, VictorA guide to the land compensation Act 1973346.043026 MOO
 GRAY, K. J.                      SYMES, P. D.Real property and real people principles of land lawR346.0430263 GRA
 SHAFER, Thomas W.Real estate and economics346.043702648 SHA
 SHENKEL, William M.Modern real estate principles346.043726 SHE
 GREEN, Ernest SwinfenLand law346.42043 GRE
 WALTERS, David W.Real estate exchanges346.730436 WAL
 BUTT, PeterCases and materials on real propertyR346.94043 CAS
REAL PROPERTY - VALUATIONEATON, J.D.Real estate valuation litigation323.6324 EAT
 ROSE, J. J.Rose's property valuation tablesR332.41021 ROS
 ALBRITTON, Harold D.Controversies in real property valuation: A commentary332.6324 ALB
 GIBBSONS, James E.Appraising in a changing economy333.332 APR
 FADILAH Mohd. Taufik KAMSIAH haji SiratPengenalan penilaian hartanah333.332 FAD
 RING, Alfred A.The valuation of real estateR333.332 RIN
 FOREMAN, Robert L.Communicating appraisal:  A guide to report writing333.332076 FOR
 WHIPPLE, R.T.M. (Reginald Thomas Milner)Real estate valuation reports and appraisals333.3320994 REA
 HEUER, Karla L. MCKAY, Cecil Jr.Golf courses:  a guide to analysis and valuation333.337 HEU
 CASNER, James A.Estate planning:  1982 supplement347.30353 CAS
SHOPPING CENTRE MANAGEMENTMARTINS, Peter G.Shopping centre management381.1068 MAR
UNDERDEVELOPED AREASDRAKAKIS-SMITH, D.M.Urbanization, housing and the development process307.76091724 DRA
 LEAN, W.Aspects of land economics333.337 LEA
 MOHAN, RakeshUrban economic and planning models711.4309173 MOH
VALUATIONDAVIDSON, A. W.Parry's valuation tables and conversion tables332.41021 DAV
 EMENY, Roger HECTOR, M. WilksPrinciples and practice of rating valuationR332.63221 EME
 REES, W.H. ED.Valuation:  Principles into practice332.63221 VAL
 LIM, LAN YUANYou & Your property:  Value and tax the essential facts333.332 LIM
 DARLOW, CliveValuation and development appraisal333.332 VAL
 WESTBROOK, R.W.Valuer's casebook of approved valuation333.332 WES
 BRILTON, William DAVIES, KeithModern methods of valuation of land, houses and buildings333.332018 BRI
  KEMENTERIAN KEWANGAN MALAYSIA    Report on first conference of heads of Common wealth valuation departments333.3320509595 REP
 ABU HASSAN MD ISAKaedah penilaian projek:  Satu pengenalan333.7617018 ABU

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