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IRERS 2016 : List of Papers Presented in Parallel Sessions

  1. A Comparative Study on the Feasibility of Introducing a Law to Regulate Retail Tenancies in Peninsular Malaysia
  2. A Model for Effective and Efficient Dispute Resolution Process for Strata Scheme Disputes in Peninsular Malaysia
  3. A Review of Facilities Management Services for Enhancing and Provisioning of Optimal Quality Municipal Services for Local Government in Malaysia
  4. A Review on Risk Factors in Private Finance Initiative (PFI) Projects Life Cycle
  5. A Smart City Assessment Framework
  6. A Study on Housing Satisfaction and Renovation Decision in Klang Valley
  7. An Overview of House Price Movement in the Secondary Market
  8. Analysis of the Influence of GDP, Wage, Inflation, IHPB Construction and Interest Rate on Residential Property Prices in Indonesia
  9. Assessment of Sustainable Housing Affordability in Malaysia based on People’s Perception Using COPRAS Method
  10. BIM Investment in Malaysia: Stakeholders’ expectation
  11. Bridging the Conceptual Gap of Affordable Housing and Housing Affordability: A Pilot Study
  12. Building Maintenance Management in Malaysian Institutions of Higher Education; The Context-Specific Application for Information Delivery System
  13. Capabilities of Revealed Preference (RP) Method for Heritage Property Valuation
  14. Carbon Sequestration: Are Property Professionals in Queensland, Australia, Ready to Deal with Rights to Carbon?
  15. Characteristics of Malaysia Real Estate Markets for International Investment
  16. Comparative Overview of Smart Cities Initiatives: Singapore and Seoul
  17. Conceptual Approach in Analysing Eligibility and Affordability of Home Financing in Malaysia
  18. Consumer Preferences and the Role of Value Influences in Serviced Apartment Purchasing Decision
  19. Determinants of Condominium Prices in Shah Alam
  20. Diversification Strategy of Malaysian Real Estate Investment Trust
  21. Dynamic of Linkages of Islamic REITs in Mixed Asset Portfolio in Malaysia
  22. Effect of Spatial Design Modification on Malaysian Low-Cost Residential Property Value: A Hedonic Price Model
  23. Exploring Older Adults’ Third Places: Where do Older Adults Socialize?
  24. Exploring the Relationship among Sustainability Aspects of Green Commercial Office Property: An Application of Structural Equation Modelling Technique
  25. Factors of Failure and Delay in Islamic Inheritance Distribution in Malaysia
  26. Green Building Initiative: Property Tax Assessment Incentive Models in Malaysia
  27. Green Certification and Property Price: Issues and Perspectives
  28. Housing Aspirations of Ageing Communities in Perak City of Ipoh
  29. How Malaysian Construction Industry Performs in the International Productivity Comparison
  30. Is House Price related to Housing Supply and Demand? Evidence from Malaysia
  31. Land Ownership Status among the Flood Victims in Kuala Krai, Kelantan
  32. Making Sense of Stigmatised Property: A Cross-Professional Perspective
  33. Managing Unaffordability of Homeownership: The Potential Role of Islamic Housing Partnership Equity Trust (HPET-i)
  34. Managing Waqf Rental Properties by Kedah SIRC
  35. Measuring Technical Efficiency of Malaysian REITs: A Data Envelopment Analysis Approach
  36. Missing Person’s Properties: Exploration on Challenges and Opportunities
  37. Orang Asli’s Land Right and Fair Compensation under the Malaysian Law: The Missing Link
  38. Performance Measurement of Facilities Management: Service Delivery in the Malaysian Public Sector
  39. Periscoping the Factors Responsible for Poor Formal Accessibility of Urban Lands in Nigeria
  40. Portfolio Performance Analysis of Listed Property Companies in Asian Emerging Markets
  41. Quantifying Terrain Factor Using GIS Applications for Property (Real Estate) Valuation
  42. Remedies of Specific Performance for Land Contracts: Legal Development
  43. Risk Identification and Determination of the Public Building Insurance in Disaster-Prone Areas of Study in Bantul District
  44. Spatial Modelling of Household Inhabitants’ Behaviour in Context of Low Land Conversion due to Emerging of Unauthorized Houses
  45. Sustainable Strategies of Malaysian Property Developers
  46. The Impact of the Global Financial Crisis on Public Listed Property Development Companies of Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Thailand
  47. The Impacts of Corporate Governance on the Performance of REITs in Singapore
  48. The Implications of Valuation Methods on Property Rating Valuation Accuracy in Nigeria
  49. The Integration of Islamic Neighbourhood and Cohousing Elements: A Review of Concept and Principles
  50. The Performance and Diversification Benefits of Asia-Pacific Non-Listed Real Estate Funds
  51. The Possibility of Green Concept Implementation in Indonesian Government Building
  52. Valuation of Spectrum at 2100 MHz Band Using Discounted Cash Flow Method
  53. Valuer’s Perspective on the Implementation of Green Building Development


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